Big Ben Tuesday: Aaron Boone Goes F**king Savage on Rookie Ump


Roswell, New Mexico: We’re only about a month and a half away from “Raid Area 51” on September 20th and my bags are backed. But as the originator is now talking about turning it into a music festival, I don’t think he’s the right person to lead this raid. I’d like to suggest an alternative; the F**king Savage himself, Mr. Aaron Boone.

In case you missed it, Boone unleashed a furious rant of epic proportions on Brennan Miller after the rookie ump displayed an erratic strike zone early in Thursday’s game against the Rays. Here’s a pretty good breakdown, in case you missed it:

The Yankees are rolling along and this team looks like a real threat to hang banner #28. Many of the team’s youngsters got a taste of the post-season last year and figure to be more prepared. The squad is getting healthy and without even making a trade they are poised to add one of the game’s best sluggers, an ace, and another dominant set up man to a bullpen that already makes the Nasty Boys look quite pleasant. And last year’s enigma Gary Sanchez has gotten his groove back on offense and behind the dish. The Yankees deserve kudos for standing by the young slugger and resisting the calls to bench him in last year’s playoffs.

The Nasty Boys

Through Sunday they have the second best winning percentage in the majors with the fewest losses. They are nine games ahead of the Rays and set to run away with the division. This has the feel of a team that could really put the hammer down in the second half with a big August push where they win 18 of 25 or something.

On Thursday, Boone saw the opportunity to show his boys he has their backs. He took advantage by going hog wild on hapless and flabbergasted Miller. A fortunate hot mic memorialized the moment in Yankee lore. The walk-off bomb Boone hit off Tim Wakefield in the 2003 ALCS against the Red Sox might have been bumped back to the second best thing he has done in pinstripes.

It well known that Joe Girardi was fired in part for his failure to embrace analytics. (Plus his bunghole is puckered up tighter than a snare drum.) While Boone is respected in the clubhouse, I think there is some feeling that Brian Cashman and the biggest analytics department in baseball are really pulling the strings. On Thursday, Boone showed his team who’s piloting this UFO.

We’ll get to the bottom of this in September…

The manager got a measly one game suspension for his fury. No one gave even one f*ck about that. It’s impossible to quantify how much of an effect these things have on a team. But with this team looking more and more like one that can get it done, they can’t leave anything to chance. Players want to know their manager will fight for them and Boone’s rant sure won’t hurt on that front.

The rumor that the rant was ordered by the Analytics Department is probably unfounded.

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