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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – I would say our fans expect better of me but who am I kidding? Our fan base is a cult, so they will put up with my shenanigans. Plus, I know the owner can’t fire me. Today’s topics are: Tradeline Mets, NFL Holdout Season And LA Clippers.

Zach Wheeler

Trade Deadline Mets:  As stated earlier this week by our own Angry Ward, the Mets have to do a tightrope walk  to be competitive enough to show GM Brodie Van Wagneum that some deals to improve the team have to be made but not go for broke. At the same time, they musn’t suck bad enough for Brodie to want to blow it up. So we have to convince Brodie to ignore the idea of trading Noah Syndergaard and turn his attention to trading Zach Wheeler. I have nothing against Wheeler, who has come back from Tommy John Surgery looking good. However, he is no longer the star pitcher on the staff or one of two. That goes to the aforementioned Syndergaard and obviously Jacob deGrom. Though the Mets could use him as a solid number 3, they may need to move Wheels to get some youngsters that can be stars in the heart of the infield or somewhere in the outfield. This is a pitcher-heavy market, so a guy like Wheeler won’t get top of the line talent but who knows? They might get a player-to-named-later that is fantastic, as they got with Syndergaard. We will all be holding our breath to see how bad the Mets screw up at the deadline like we all expect them to do.

Ezekiel Elliott

NFL Holdout Season: If it is NFL pre-season time, then it is NFL Holdout Season. This year’s star is Ezekiel “Zeke” Elliott. I support his holdout! I hate Da ‘Boys but we all know he is critical to their success. And these players are taking years off their life and health. Why not maximize it when you can. Not to mention the money in these contracts aren’t guaranteed. So get your money young man and holdout until you get it.

LA Clippers: It’s L.A. so drama is expected but has anyone looked at how much Doc Rivers puts winning or being a professional above all else. He had his son drafted then traded away. Now management has gotten him Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Paul George is his daughter’s ex boyfriend, who they reportedly broke up because George cheated on her with a stripper. Doc has just shaken it off and is ready to coach his team and get the roster filled with guys that can help his big two. This will be interesting and delicious.

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