Monday Morning QB: Kobe and The Pro Bowl

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday! So my co-worker or fellow captive, Cheesy Bruin was sort of right. It is not I forgot, I just got bogged down with a crazy weekend and both kids with stomach flu.  There is really only two bits of news to discuss today. And they are…  Kobe and The Pro Bowl.


I heard on Saturday that LeBron James passed Kobe Bryant on the all-time scoring list. Considering LeBron has been in the game for longer than most realize it makes sense. On Sunday, I got a text from my best friend that said RIP Black Mamba. Initial reaction was it was a weird response to the record breaking, which seemed like it wasnt that big of a deal. Then I got another text with the full story, Kobe Bryant dead in a helicopter crash. I screams out “Oh s&%t!” as I sat at the dinner table for a going away get together for the in-laws (My MiL and FiL are going to visit Mexico for a few months). I was shocked like, this can’t be for real!! I mean Kobe is so young, there has got to be more to the story!! And there is some but nothing that makes sense. We are finding out more about the chopper model he used and the weather yesterday in the area, the other 8 people that were on board with him including his daughter Gianna and a legendary JUCO Baseball coach, wife and daughter. We know the sixth person was the pilot but we don’t know the other 3. All very tragic but nothing that feels like an explanation. And to me it is kind of fitting, because of all the HS to Pro players over the last few decades (or one and done since the NCAA Cartel got involved), Kobe becoming a superstar was something that I always marveled at. I remember him being drafted by Charlotte and traded to LA. However, I never thought he would be a superstar, there were so many players that seem to have more of an it factor and I always doubted the HS to Pros players because the NBA never really had a minor league, which I thought was a key middle step. However, sure enough, Kobe became a legend and it can be seen that it was his will and hard work. He could have passed the ball more and that feud which Shaq was crazy. What is even crazier is he will never have seen his statue or be there for HoF introduction. Insane!! RIP Kobe, Good night sweet Prince!


NFL Pro Bowl 

All All-Star games kind of suck now. The level of intensity from the players is mild and everyone is essentially on vacation so there is a lack of interest to watch. I have not wathced a pro bowl game in what must be almost a decade. Even then I barely watched. I just could not make myself care. Part of it is as a Jets fan, my team sucks so we rarely have players. The NFL has tried to change its location and put it in the in-between week of the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl. This rules out the players playing in the Super Bowl but supposedly makes it more interesting. I disagree, this dog is sick and ill, time to take it out back and put it out of its misery. Here are the highlights from the game.


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