Super Bowl Weekend: Prop Bets, Thoughts, Predictions

Patrick Mahomes, Pat Mahomes, Mets, jimmy garoppolo, Meet_The_Matts, Replacement_Matt

MIAMI, FL – Yes folks, hold on to your hats, the Big Game is fast approaching, Super Bowl Sunday will be here before you know it and we may actually have a game on our hands this time. I’ve been listening to everyone of these so called experts go back and forth. Well who cares what the experts say? That’s why they play the game. And no one knows. But since I write here I’m a pseudo expert, so let’s get to… Super Bowl Weekend: Prop Bets, Thoughts, Predictions.

Will San Francisco’s defensive front conquer all or will wonder boy Patrick Mahomes rule the day with his Situs Slot Gacor unstoppable ability to improvise?

Will Jimmy Garoppolo become this generations Trent Dilfer and win despite not even throwing for 100 yards?

Patrick Mahomes, Pat Mahomes, Mets, jimmy garoppolo, Meet_The_Matts, Replacement_Matt

This match-up is the perfect example of this, you can’t predict what will happen, just gotta play the game. The mere fact the Patriots are no where to be found makes it a Super Bowl for the ages, we can all relish in the silence of the New England Squawkers about how great Brady is… that is until the Chiefs win and Cam becomes a far worse Midwestern version of the same thing. Enjoy watching Mahomes while you can as soon he will be everywhere and pitching everything and what was so refreshing about him will soon become tired and drive you bananas too. So my prediction is this: The game will be decided on the last play, bet on it (This pretty much guarantees a lopsided outcome.)

That leads us to only one question: Will there be nudity at halftime? What’s the over- under? Will Roger Godell finally be fed to the lions along with Jerry Jones as the US Air force does its annual fly by? One can only hope! And yeah, that was more than one question.

FROM THE ENCOURAGING NEWS FRONT someone started a “Sell the team” chant at Jim Dolan and the whole of MSG joined in. Hallelujah! It’s about time. This should happen every quarter of every game until he bans every last one of them and is left watching the game alone. Maybe only then will he have an epiphany and think, ‘Maybe they are right? I don’t need this aggravation, I can pocket bundles of cash and buy a resort on key Largo and make all the guests listen to my horrible band night in and night out. I hear there’s an island the feds may sell you near the virgin islands.’ Keep it up Knick fans I’m proud of ya.

Enjoy your weekend kids and be sure to come back tomorrow for Short Matt in his continuing showcase of the effects of CTE.

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