My Thoughts on Deontay Wilder – Tyson Fury 2

SPANISH HARLEM – On Saturday night, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury met in the ring for the second time. If you didn’t see the first fight, you definitely heard about it from someone who did. Their initial encounter was decided as a tie yet in most eyes, Fury won that fight, though Wilder dropped Fury twice, which made the decision easier to handle for fans. Coming into the second fight, the stage was set for another epic battle between two of the best and biggest heavyweights in the world.

As a boxing fan, the heavyweight division had lost the type of hype that I grew up on, so it shouldn’t be no surprise to any one that I didn’t follow either fighter much. I knew the important things, that Fury was a former champion and gained his fame by beating Wladimir Klitschko. For Wilder, I was told that he was one of the best punchers in the game and made his name as a knockout artist. In boxing, it was famed as the boxer versus the puncher, one fighter looking for the one hit KO and the other looking to score points and survive.

At first, they both survived and that lead to fight number 2, though one strange thing happened. The roles were reversed and the supposed boxer became the puncher. Tyson Fury won the fight and was the aggressor the whole night. There was a moment in the 3rd round when Wilder went down for the count and you could tell that this fight would be different, that it wouldn’t go to cards. Jab after jab connected on Wilder’s face and it was talking its toll on him. Wilder never seemed the same and was knocked down again in the fifth round before the towel was thrown in the 7th round in favor of Fury. Trust me when I tell you… it was the right thing to do but there were many critics that night and thereafter that stated it was a bad call on behalf of Wilder’s team.

That brings me to my final conclusion, Tyson Fury was the better fighter that night and there was no way Wilder was coming back, his punches were flat and his body movement showed that something was wrong with his balance. Wilder had blood coming out of one of his ears and that alone tells you it was the right call to stop the fight. Going out on his shield, is what Wilder said he wanted. He wanted to go out on his back and that may sound heroic to some, in modern times, with what we know about boxing, that’s just dumb. Just give the other guy the credit he deserves and come back better that next time.

For one night, boxing was the biggest thing in sports and it was fun to care about the heavyweight division again. Heres hoping that we get another one real soon.

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