Happy Birthday, Allen Iverson, Prince & Other Big Names

Allen Iverson, Prince, Grind Ax Walter Hynes, Meet_The_Matts

EDISON, NJ – With chaos and divisiveness being ubiquitous, people have been celebrating milestones such as birthdays, masked-up in cars, wielding homemade signs and tossing toilet paper as presents. Yes, the world is spinning out of control. We can all agree, that change is needed. It’s time to lose the masks and look each other in the eyes and mouths, to express our feelings. Today, I choose to do so by celebrating Allen Iverson and many others born on this 7th day of June. Beloved by Sixers fans for his greatness to this day, Iverson is well known for: “Practice?! We talkin’ about PRACTICE?!” It goes down as one of the best quotes by an NBA player ever.

The Answer… was a remarkable talent. The memory of him breaking Michael Jordan’s ankles is etched in my mind to this day. Amazing! Happy 45th Allen!

Allen Iverson, Prince, Grind Ax Walter Hynes, Meet_The_Matts
“Practice?! We talkin’ about PRACTICE?!”

Want a diversion from a hectic day? Pop on some headphones and watch the You Tube video of Prince playing While My Guitar Gently Weeps at the 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Clearly one of the best solos of all time. Prince Rogers Nelson would have been 62 today.

Other birthday celebrators today are:

Vice President Mike Pence, 61

-Small Matt’s favorite crooner

-Fetty Wap, 29

-Liam Neeson, 68 -Bill Hader, 42

-Anna Kournikova, 39

-The late Ken Osmond, aka Eddie Haskell, 77

-Hockey great Mike Modano, 50

-Wrestlers Mick Foley, 55 & Superstar Billy Graham , 77

Guitarist Dave Navarro , 53

-reality dude Bear Grylls 46

and one of my favorite singers…

Tom Jones, who turns 80 today.

There are a plethora of models, reality stars and character actors as well, so Happy June 7th Birthday to you all!

If there was ever a time to resume America’s favorite pastimes , it is now! Herd immunity was successful in other places, but this version being practiced nationwide is NOT what we should be carrying out. The Eunuch governors and mayors of our nation need to admit the mistakes made and open up the United States of America. Discussions can continue on social injustice and progress will be made to improve all lives. There is a saying that when you point the finger at others, there are three pointing back at you. Something to reflect on.

When we get back to sports, the Giants, Jets and Mets will still suck and the Yankees will still be in the hunt but injury-prone… The Knicks and Rangers unfortunately are still run by the only person hated more than DeBlasio, Leprechaun James Dolan! …Dak Prescott will get paid and fail to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl or whatever it may be named.

Finally, I want to wish the best to Mr. Cheesy Bruin, MTM’s Sunday mainstay. You are a tough SOB who we all respect and think of when facing adversity. You are the epitome of determination and true grit. Get well Rich.

Come back tomorrow for more sports and pithiness.

*NOTE: Management, oft-maligned by a rebellious Grinding Ax, wants to point today is his Aunt Peggy’s birthday, a glaring omission his mother will be miffed that he muffed.

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