Sports Rain Man: Favorite Sports Dads and Sports and Dads

Five of the Sutter boys Racing to leave the farm with Dad Lewis and mom Grace in the background waving them goodbye

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday Everybody! Yesterday being Father’s Day I want to wish a belated happy Father’s Day to all our readers that are dads. And Anyway on the menu for today, we will talk about: Favorite Sports Dads and Sports and Dads.

Favorite Sports DadsMy personal favorite sports dads are William Clay Matthews Sr and Louis John Sutter. I picked them because they are the Patriarchs of massive family in their respective Sports.

William Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews Sr. made it to the NFL for four Seasons while also taking time off to serve in the Korean War. He is the father of Clay Jr, legendary Browns linebacker and Houston Oilers Hall of Fame offensive lineman Bruce Matthews. The two boys went on to have 5 kids(3 for Bruce, 2 for Clay) who all made the the NFL. Clay III stuck around and became a Super Bowl winning LB in his first year and first choice starter since 2009 with Green Bay and now the LA Rams while Bruce’s kid, Jake, has been a Tackle for Atlanta and all pro since 2014. I like that it is a family affair and says a bit about the leadership the dad and then granddad provided.

Five of the Sutter boys Racing to leave the farm with Dad Lewis and mom Grace in the background waving them goodbye

For this same reason, I vote Louis John Sutter. I mean the guy had seven sons and six one pro. The 7th could have gone pro but chose to stay and help with a family farm. That shows a sense of priorities in the oldest one and also shows a lot of talent In those genes having six of them go pro. And of course there has been a second generation of Sutter boys going pro which is also impressive but I always say goes back to the patriarch in the leadership they provide.

Sports and Dads: In conversation once with Short Matt, I asked him why he was such a baseball fan. And he tied baseball to playing little league and his dad taking them to literally every game, even when the team sucked, his dad would watch them play and then they go get ice cream. That point little story ties into how Sports is often connected to our childhoods and the quality time we get with our old man. This usually has meant it’s about the only time that you get to see your dad  go over the top emotionally, happy or sad. Usually my dad was devoid of emotion unless he was watching a good soccer match or good boxing match or some track and field. Think about how some of your most memorable moments with your old man were tied to sports. So that is probably why this covid-19 shutdown of sports, it has been so hard for families. With the return of at least sports on TV, Dads can now have a bit of solice and unwind from their stress.

Well thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for Big Ben Whitney. But first, feel free to comment below.

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