Bucks Stop Here? LeBrons vs Hardens, Isles Cup Run, Knights In Jail? Misplays, Bumbles Mar Mets


MAPLEWOOD, NJ – Two days ago the Mets lost the best player they ever had – maybe the greatest pitcher of all time. Today they play the their division rival from, Philly to whom they have already dropped the first game of the series.

Seth Lugo takes the hill today in what will inevitably be another loss. It may be because of a lack of any clutch hitting. It could be the result of bad fielding – as was the case last night. Or perhaps it will be another bullpen implosion. Pick one. Go ahead, pick your Poison. It’s sure to be one if them.

When new owner Steve Cohen takes over, I really hope he honors the team and Tom Seaver. I also hope he puts a solid defense in place behind the starters, not that any of them outside of deGrom are have proven worthy of following The Franchise to the mound in Flushing.

You know what? Just shoot me now.

In The NBA

The reigning champion Raptors are reeling a bit and may get bounced by Boston and the Miami Heat are giving the Bucks fits… Jimmy Butler is proving to be a solid pick-up for Miami and is powering their offense and defense, by keeping the Milwaukee side at the century mark yesterday… look for Giannis & Co. to make a statement today and turn back the Heat wave… The Clippers beat Cam James’ Nuggets – thank you – and the Los Angeles LeBrons fell to the Houston Hardens.


In The NHL

The Long Island Ice Hockey Team that all Ranger fans cannot stand is keeping the Flyers at bay… will it continue tonight? Elsewhere, the Las Vegas Golden Boys gave the Vanouver Canadian Slurs a slap[shot] back. JT Miller’s side is OOT after an illegal check to the head by Las Knights did nothing to keep Vegas from blanking Vancouver in Game 7s.  Still, the victorious V-team will answer to the Commissioners office. Perhaps punitive damages are pending…

What will happen today in the Wide World of Bubble Sports?! Tune in and find out! And tune in tomorrow from the opting-in, Cheesy Bruin.

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