Chauvinistic Pig Cheesy Bruin Vents Re Gender Mixes , Blasts NHL Refereeing

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BLOOMINGBURG, NY – Not long ago, I had a telephone conversation with our very own Angry Ward. Sometimes his crankiness wears off on me and helps in writing this column.

Cheesy Bruin

The subject was how all the estrogen has permeated the telecasts of NHL coverage. #Hockey was my last bastion of hope and held out for as long as it could, I guess. So now I have to hear the likes of A.J. Mlezcko (and I cannot take much more) use the same terms game in and out. Net-front presence, pucks to the net, dangerous ice area, blah, blah, blah and… YAWN!!! I’m all for the #MeToo movement but leave my sports the mother lovin’ ALONE!

In a related story…

Yesterday, the NFL announced the first African American female on-field official for the upcoming season. Whomever she is, she’d have been better than the on-ice crew in Boston for the two-game set with Washington this week. Yes, I get the hypocrisy of that last sentence but allow me to explain…

Wednesday night was another physical game for the Bruins,vas the word is out you can take runs at Boston players with little retribution as Kevan Miller, who doesn’t fight much but is a beast (see below), sits out injured. Plus, Zdeno Chara is on the other side now. It’s also a by product of management who continues to be fascinated with blueliners 5’9″ and under, which they have three. Trent Frederic took CAPITALS heavyweight Tom Wilson on last week and fared very well in their bout. GM Don Sweeney addressed the need for a “bigger body” (read gifted pugilist) and signed 6’4″ Jared Tinordi, who was inserted into the lineup after one practice ten days ago. Wednesday night, one of the NHL’s dirtiest players – some guy named Ovechkin – skewered the Bruins rookie in the oysters and all he got was a two-minute minor penalty. It’s only minor if it’s somebody else’s nut sac, folks.

All of the above left me Angry Ward-cranky. which should be adopted as an official term by Wikipedia.

Speaking of nuts, come back tomorrow for the Sports Rain Man, Junoir Blaber, who CHOSE to live in Buffalo.

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