That Thud Was NY Mets Nation.

NEW YORK, NY – Crazy how the ups and downs of a team you like – or don’t like – can ruin or make your day. Unless you are a fan of a perennial winner, you’re likely angst-ridden much of the time. Like me. Like Angry Ward. Or Junoir Blaber. The other staff members don’t count because one of their chosen teams wins often enough to keep them smiling… or hopeful. That’s something us Knicks or Mets fans haven’t had a lot of in decades. Hope. The only hope we’ve had for most of our adult lives has been the false kind. That’s why last night was so significant…

That Thud Was NY Mets Nation

If you heard something last night after 9:30 PM ET, if was the collective thud that echoed throughout a 30mile radius around NYC. It was all of us in “Mets Nation” falling off our chairs in disbelief. Trailing 4-2 and with a continued stench wafting from the Metsies’ dugout, everything changed with one swing of Francisco Lindor’s bat… a 2-run, game-tying home run. This came after an appalling start by David Peterson doing his best Rick Ankiel impersonation at the start of the game. But all of that was forgotten when Lindor touched home plate. That fickle, fleeting feeling suddenly pulsed through my sagging, dejected torso. A small roar came from deep in the tummy. I could not help myself.

Hope, that dangerous, unfamiliar and elusive thingy, was back. Frank Lindor restored it. And all of Mets Nation is a bit awkwardly giddy this morning because of him.

Happy days are surely ahead… one hopes.

That’s it for today, please comment below and come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin, whose Bruins keep him from fully understanding sports anguish.

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