Sports Rain Man: Cristiano Ronaldo, Jorge Mendes, Orchard Park Bills

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday. Every week when I cut the daycare check I think, ‘This is a lot!’ Then comes the weekend and I am like, no problem, take these 2 kids and I will happily cut that check again. I am beyond tired and bleary-eyed after a late night Sunday night, but here are the topics for today: Cristiano Ronaldo, Jorge Mendes, Orchard Park Bills.

Cristiano Ronaldo
If you don’t follow soccer, it is hard to explain to you how big a deal this is. Cristiano Ronaldo was a talented teenager at Sporting Lisbon when they played Manchester United in 2003. He ran circles around United, so much so that some leaders (who knew United where looking at signing him) told Man U coach Alex Ferguson, you need to sign this boy. From there Ronaldo went to United and in 6 years went on to become one of the biggest players in the world. So much so that Real Madrid offered an ungodly amount back then to buy him. Ronaldo left United more loved the Derek Jeter was by Yankee fans. It seemed like he had moved and was never coming back but then came last week when it was rumored he was about to sign with cross-town rival Manchester City, until Manchester United swooped in to bring him home.

Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big, and then you take the house. – Danny Ocean

Jorge Mendes
In the world of soccer agents, Mendes is Scott Boras and Mino Raiola is Drew Rosenhaus. Mino is constantly on TV talking about how his player is unhappy or he’s not sure if he will re-sign or may try his luck in the open market. Mendes is very successful but isn’t one to be on TV a lot. Both agents out to get their clients top dollar but you see how Mendes worked his magic playing the clubs against each other ( Paris Saint-Germane and Man City) and then playing it against Man United and the Glazer Family’s egos (the family that owns the team). Bang! He got his client top dollar, out of a bad situation and without being in the press all day running his mouth.

Orchard Park Bills
If I get one more Buffalo Bills fan talking about how the Bills play in NY state – so they are the real NY team – I will point out that when the other 2 football teams make the Super Bowl at least we win it. NYC is one of the densest cities in the world, meanwhile there is plenty of space all over Buffalo. The only reason why the stadiums are in the suburbs was a result of The Great White Flight that is actual term for then used by historians. That still doesn’t excuse why the Bills are in Orchard Park because the baseball team and hockey arena are all in downtown.

Orchard Park, “Buffalo”

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney, who gave up on the Yanks but will now act like he didn’t.

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