Saturday Rain Main: Ben Simmons Saga, Re-Elect Allen Diggs, Bone Saw FC

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Saturday Why am I writing on a Saturday? Because having to go Mondays means I have to talk about football… occasionally there are other things on my mind. So with USA Rugby playing the New Zealand All Blacks in DC and Short Matt covering that, I told him I could take a run on today’s piece. Thus, here are today’s topics: Ben Simmons Saga, Re-Elect Allen Diggs, Bone Saw FC.

Ben Simmons Saga

This Ben Simmons Saga has provided me with the digital content I am all about watching. After requesting a trade in the off-season despite, signing an extension on his rookie deal that was to keep him in Philly until 2025, Simmons and the city soured on each other. Simmonds has been harassed by fans for falling short in the playoffs and the weaknesses in his game. There is a meme going around about how Simmons has dateed more women than made three pointers (5), since 2019. So… in the off-season he said he wanted out but the 76ers said no. Simmons countered by sayinghe wasn’t coming back, despite teammates efforts to contact him. Fast forward to the 76ers fining him like half a million a day for every preseason practice missed, and after two days, in walks Simmons… like George Constanza trying to sneak back into a job he quit. Better still, Simmonds put up his home in South Jersey and his condo in Philly. He was acting out so much that head coach Doc Rivers kicked him out of practice earlier this week. So he isn’t back yet but center Joel Embid took the mic yesterday to ask fans to still support Simmons, as they try to bring him back into the fold. This is Philly dude, he is dead to them.


Junoir Blaber

I talk about how diehard Bills fans are and I feel like some people don’t get it. Last season during the 2020 Elections, I saw a bunch of lawn signs saying who people were voting for and I saw Allen Diggs but it never clicked. I saw the signs this year saying re-elect that guy, so I decided to find out who he was. He wasn’t running for a seat in the city or county or Niagara or Erie (Buffalo). So I actually went to look at one of the signs and that was when I saw the numbers 14 and 17 under the names… and the penny dropped. It’s Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs – as part of fun way to support the Bills during election season. The pair haven’t become Montana to Rice, mainly because of coverage forcing him to spread the ball and Allen liking to run a bit too much too. But they are winning games and the will have many games this season to get it right.

Bone Saw FC

Weird name for a team, I know. This is the new nickname for Newcastle United of the English Premiership. Newcastle was just bought by a business entity division of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The entity was the same one that hired the planes that were used to flew into and out of Turkey the men that killed Jamal Khashogi and dismember his body using a bone saw. Now Newcastle fans are asked about how it feels to be owned by such a morally bankrupt. I had a talk with a friend and he brought me around to his way of thinking on this. You have Manchester City owned by the Qatari government and they are called Human Rights FC, as over 100 indentured workers have died building the stadiums for the WC in Qatar and they aren’t getting the same level of flack. His greater point is why does it fall on the fans! I mean you have the US government, The UN and a bunch of other entities that could punish the Saudi’s for their behavior but it falls on the Fans to take a stand. These guys have suffered under inept ownership and now they finally get a guy with money to spend on the club and bring them back to the heights of champions which they haven’t been since the early 90s. I mean I think about it as a Knicks fan if the Saudi’s bought the team from Dolan and promised to upgrade the team, arena and front office, I would like let’s go NY Bone Saws!

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for our Sunday Betting Advice you wont want to miss Grinding Axe Walt.

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