Sports Rain Man: NY Jets Demolished, Giants Big Win and NFL News

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday Is it Monday already? I guess it is and as such it is time to talk about the NFL. The Bills are on a bye but both the NY Jets and NY Giants played, so I will cover that and other big news from the weekend. Thus, here are today’s topics: NY Jets Demolished, Giants Big Win & NFL News.

NY Jets Demolished

Junoir Blaber

The Jets lost to the Patriots… again. As a Jets fan, I have hated how they set the schedule so the Jets have to play the Patriots twice in 3 or 4 weeks. I wish it was later in the season because I believe the Jets will be better later. I hate losing to the Patriots, Brady or not. The key is losing to former Jets assistant Bill Belichick. He has owned the Jets since he bolted for New England. The Jets are now on like their 7th coach since he left. His record against the Jets since he left, 41- 1, is ridiculous. The numbers are ugly. I don’t want to look and confirm how much Belichick has owned the Jets since he left or how many coaches we are on. It is just bad, he is the bully that steals the Jets lunch money and stuffs them in the closet. Yesterday was the same as the Jets starting QB Zach Wilson was knocked out the game with some sort of knee injury and shredded the Jets attack for over 50 points. The Jets don’t have a veteran backup QB so Mike White came and struggled too. At the very least, I would love to see the Jets sign Colin Kaepernick but no way Woody Johnson does that although the organization and league could use it.

Giants Win Big

The Jets got rolled by the new-look Carolina Panthers and the odds looked likely that the Panthers would do the same to the Giants, with or without Christian McCaffrey. Well, so much for that. Our guy Grinding Ax was wrong, as the Jints showed up big time to win. Danny Dimes showed his playground receiving skills with a one-handed catch on a trick play. Jones led the offense to a touchdown and a few field goals. The defense did a great job shutting down the Panthers offense, so much so that current Panthers QB and former Jets QB Sam Darnold was taken out in the third quarter due to ineffectiveness. Giants coach Joe Judge lives to see another day but I believe this is another false dawn for Giants fans.

NFL News

Tom Brady and the Bucs look unstoppable. It will be interesting if this lasts up ’til another title. Seems unlikely but we will see… Pat Mahomes left the Chiefs-Titans game with an injury, which has the whole league on notice… The Cardinals remain undefeated, which means Arizona and the Bucs have a date with destiny… Finally, Joe Burrows seems to be able to do what hasn’t been done in forever and bring the Bengals back to relevance.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for our Big Ben Whitney, who is out shopping for an Atlanta Braves hat.

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