Sports Rain Man: NY Jets, NY Giants, Buffalo Bills, MLB Wild Card

Saleh: "Hey Davis, Steve Grogan called. He wants his neck back."

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday Great news: My no-NFL-on-Mondays stance is over. I got a call from the big little man, Short Matt. It started with his usual “Guy! Guy!! Ya killing me!” The thing with Short Matt is in trying to be a broadcaster he dropped his dirty Jerz accent, but on his phone calls, it always comes out. “Guy, its football season and so you gotta talk about football. You left it for someone else and nobody talked out about it and you got the Monday slot. Ya killing me.” I said, Okay, fine. I will talk about the 3 New York teams.” He adds, “and squeeze in talk of the MLB Wild Card.” So here are today’s topics: NY Jets, NY Giants, Buffalo Bills and MLB Wild Card.

NY Jets
The Robert Saleh Era got its first win and now sits at 1-3. Does this mean we can take the season’s over sign off the Jets section of the Meadowlands? No! The Jets will not make playoffs. Everybody knows that, even Mama Saleh. However, this is a season about development and growth and trying to see if Zach “Buddy Lee” Wilson can be the next Ken O’Brien. That’s right folks, you only have to be Ken O’Brien level to me to be a Jets Legend. Well, Wilson began that journey this weekend by bouncing back from a poor first half to have a great second half and doing enough in overtime to help the J-E-T-S get a field goal and the win. Wilson made some big throws into tight windows and on 3rd down. The defense continues to do a great job collecting 7 sacks and it looks like, at least in that moment, that Gang Green could be a very good team.

NY Giants

Junoir Blaber

The New York Giants are also not dead yet and they needed overtime too, like their Meadowlands roommates. Led by Daniel “Danny Dimes” Jones, the Giants scored 16 unanswered points to overcome an 11-point deficit against the New Orleans Saints to secure a 27-21 Win. Not only was Jones having a good game but so was stud running back Saquon Barkley. Barkley ran for a touchdown and caught one out of the backfield. The Giants got their first win of the season and showed some resilience. It may mean that they have turned the corner and might do something. The thing is they are in a terrible division, like hot-dumpster-fire-bad. in the NFC East. 7-10 is likely to win the division this year and that is criminal but it gives the Big Blue hope and their fans deserve it.

Buffalo Bills
The Bills dominated the hapless Texans (everything is big down there) who had some guy named Davis Mills as their starting QB. It was ugly. Like 9 sacks, negative passing yards in the 1st half and 40-0 shutout ugly. Everything went the way of the Bills and continues to seem like they are on pace to become the division winners.

MLB Wild Card
The LA Dodgers couldn’t track down the SF Giants and will end up with the greatest record for a Wild Card team in league history. L.A. will host the Houston Astros in the one game wild card playoff. In the American league it was sheer madness, as Angry Ward’s Mariners choked in the final 3 games and the Blue Jays couldn’t shut the door, so the Boston Red Sox and NY Yankees got in with their clutch wins late in their games. This means the Sox will host the Yankees on Tuesday in their one-game playoff, as they write a new chapter in their rivalry.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for our Tuesday Morning QB, Ben Whitney.

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