Sports Rain Man: Jets QB Carousel, Bills Lose Ugly, Giants Defense Wins

Which guy won???

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday Yes, I tend to focus on the three New York state teams as your Monday Morning QB but these are the only teams I really care about. Because I’m a team player, though, you’ll find random league talk added here today . With that, here is what is on tap for today: Jets QB Carousel, Bills Josh Ugly, Giants Defense Wins

NY Jets QB Carousel

The J-E-T-S shocked everyone again, with a near comeback victory… The big story from the night was that AFC offensive player of the week Mike White went down with injury early in the game. So on came Josh Johnson, the Jets number 3 QB. Why he came on and the not recently-traded-for Joey Flaco makes you wonder if the Flaco trade was worth it. Anyway, all Johnson did was throw for three hundred yards and 3 touchdowns. His only mistake was a tipped pas that led to a goal line interception, as the Jets drove for a touchdown in the final two minutes. Between White and Johnson, the idea to start Zach Wilson is looking really bad, like maybe the kid should have sat and watched after all. The real hero is Jets Offensive Coordinator Mike LaFleur, who seems to be able to succeed with seasoned professionals… while struggling with the rookie. Gang Green could have won the game if their defense could have slowed down the Colts, instead of letting them run for over 300 yards and pass for close to 200. Who starts the next game is anyone’s guess.

Bills Lose Ugly

Woof!! Double up, Woof! Woof!! Josh Allen’s performance came to my attention because he is my back-up Fantasy QB and with word Matthew Stafford wasn’t a hundred percent, I decided to go with Allen, and he disappointed. It was a rough performance despite throwing for over 250 yards, he threw two interceptions, the Bills failed to score a touchdown and failed to convert on 3rd down several times. Btw, I mean the Bills Josh Allen, cause apparently there is a Josh Allen on the Jacksonville defense and he had a banner day with 8 tackles and an interception.

Giants Defense Wins

Junoir Blaber

The Giants top 3 receivers going into the game caught a total of 3 passes for 37 yards. Yet Dave Brown, sorry… I mean Daniel Jones (or do I?), played well enough and got the ball to other players to help score enough to win. The real difference was that the Giant defense stepped up and made the pocket uncomfortable for Derek Carr. The defense had two big interceptions to stop the Raiders on their drives and big 3rd down stops to limit the offense.

NFL News

Aaron Rodgers stock has dropped. It’s good thing he never got traded to the west coast, being an anti-vaxxer. He is lucky he plays in Wisconsin – which is much more split between pro and anti vaccine. But if he ended up in Cali, he couldn’t play for any of the teams now. Jordon Love also seems to not be a treat either. Who knows how long A-Rodge will be gone or if Love will get another game to show he has what it takes… The Odell Beckham Jr. era is over in Cleveland. It just never seemed like Cleveland was a good fit. Beckham has a big personality and loves the limelight. Being in a small city like Cleveland and playing second fiddle to Baker Mayfield didn’t cut it. OBJ needs a bigger persona QB or one that plays second fiddle to him.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for our Big Ben Whitney, who is out shopping for an OBJ hat.

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