Big Ben Tuesday: Josh Donaldson “Jackie” Kerfuffle, Rangers Try to Even it Up, Celtics & Heat Injuries

Stamford, CT: It’s been a fun NBA and NHL playoffs, but they’re almost over. We’ll have to find new things to talk about like the stupidity involving Josh Donaldson, Tim Anderson, and Tony LaRussa. The NY Rangers look to even up their series tonight in a game that might have some violence. And what is going on with all the injuries in the Miami and Boston series?

Not Jackie Robinson

Racism or Delusions of Grandeur?

I haven’t been closely following this Josh Donaldson thing, but it seems like a giant bowl of nothing soup with no crackers. If I have the facts right, Tim Anderson referred to himself in a 2019 interview as “the new Jackie Robinson.” Donaldson has referred to him pejoratively as “Jackie” many times since then.

Now, I’ve never been a minority and you can’t know what’s in a man’s heart. But, if I knew someone who had ludicrously compared himself to an one-of-a-kind icon like Jackie Robinson, I would feel obligated to bag on him. And if I were an athlete who wanted to get under the skin of an opponent, that seems completely in bounds and non racial to me. At least on the surface. In what way is Tim Anderson like Jackie Robinson?

It seems that the real jerk here is Tony La Russa. This guy would sell his mother to Jeff Epstein if he thought it would gain him a game in the standings. La Doucha needed a villain to fire up his team. He screamed “racism” and it might have worked, as the White Sox swept a double header in the Bronx on Sunday. Donaldson has a history of irritating the White Sox, getting in pitcher Lucas Giolito’s face last season after hitting a homer off him and telling him he can’t get outs without the sticky stuff. I reckon that was a factor in this incident.

Instead of recognizing it as a non-event, MLB gave Donaldson a game suspension for being “disrespectful.” I’m no huge fan of Donaldson, but that’s lame. If a little chirping is suspension worthy, there would be a whole lot of suspensions. It’s only because La Russa accused him of racism that MLB felt obligated to respond.

Heat and Celtics Walking Wounded

There are so many key banged up in the Heat Celtics series, I wonder if both teams would just agree to take a week off to heal. But I suppose the west teams would object. There are three or four key guys questionable every game until right up to tip off. How is one supposed to bet on a game like that?

This has been a weird series. I expect Boston to pull it out and then get crunched by the Warriors. Expect annoying Steph shimmying a’ plenty. I’m pretty sick of the Warriors, but I do give them credit for a smart game plan of attacking Luca and exploiting his weak defense.

Even it Up

The Rangers need a W tonight at home or Sunday’s win meant nothing. They seem to be in the classic hockey conundrum – play defense and struggle to score or open it up and count on Igor. I say screw it, he’s gotten us this far.

Chirp, chirp, chirp

Panarin is a basically a power play specialist at this point. With no room to operate and his disdain for the dump and chase game, he’s been ineffective. I would not have him out there late protecting a lead.

Does the Garden really have to boo every time Tony DeAngelo touches the puck? It’s a bit much. With all the chirping he was doing at the end of the game, there’s sure to me more of it. What was he winching about anyway? If you want to start something at the end of a game, at least do it to something who doesn’t have his back turned, Max Domi. I hope Reavo smashes Domi and DeAngelo. Reavo Smash!

Get it done tonight and turn it into a best of three. Then find a way to get one in Carolina. Igor outduels Vasilevskiy next, then we take out the Avs and hoist the Cup. Let’s gooooooooo.

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