Sports Rain Man: Happy 4th of July, Baseball, The 4th at Short Matt’s, Dave Righetti, Grill Takeovers.

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy 4th of July! Ever notice, for as much as Americans hate the international date system that puts the day before the month, we make the exception for the 4th of July. It is never July 4th. I think this day and when using legal documents are the only times Americans go with the international system. Anyway, it falls on a Monday this year, so I get stuck writing about it on the long weekend. That’s worse than being a doctor on duty during Christmas. Anyway, here is what I will be covering: Baseball on The 4th July, The 4th at Short Matt’s and Grill Takeover Experts.

Baseball on The 4th of July

The 4th of July and baseball go together very well. America’s birthday and America’s pastime (allegedly because viewership shows slightly different). This is a great combo. You have a game that will take a few hours, that can be put on in the background as you grill and then after the game, fireworks. Currently in NY right now, you have the Yankees with an off day but with a 13.5 game lead in the AL East, which is insane. The Mets dominant lead has dwindled to a mere 3.5 games but it is holding for now but Jacob deGrom just complete a class A rehab start and this on the back of Max Scherzer have a strong rehab start in Binghampton last week. So if the Mets hold out until the All-Star break and get their two aces back, that will be the shot in the arm they need to have a dominat 2nd half, one hopes. The Mets face the Cincinnati Reds and tonight and are favored to win. I wonder around the league if we will have a no-hitter like Dave Righetti did in 1983. I suck at research, but I don’t think the feat has been repeated despite the increase in no hitters. I think that was one of the coolest days for such a feat to occur. Lets see what happens.

Junoir Blaber

The 4th at Short Matt’s

I think of The 4th of July and I remember that this was when Short Matt use to invite everyone over to his balcony for some grilled hot dogs, burgers and to watch the fireworks. When he went vegan, we had to bring real meat hot dogs and burgers. Then a new building built across the street obstructed the fireworks view but it was still fun. Now that he is on the Upper East Side, I am not sure he is doing it anymore.

Grill Takeover Experts 

Who are these people? This is the guy constantly near the grill complaining that “…you’re burning them. They give you the “Do this and do that and etc.” All he is waiting for is the missus to call you away and then he volunteers to watch the grill. You come back, and he offers to keep watching. “Take a load and have a beer, I got you buddy.” or “Go do some greeting and handshakes, no worries over here.” And before you know it, you are talking to people about the game, it’s been 30 minutes and Grill Takeover Expert is still manning the grill and serving your hot dogs/ hamburgers. Watch out for this man!

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below. Come back tomorrow for our Ben Whitney, who doesn’t take over grills, he just gets a second helping while everyone is on their first!

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