Hey Mr. And Mrs. Steve Cohen, Do the Right Thing For Cow-Bell Man and Pin Man!

Cow-Bell Man and Pin Man

FLUSHING, NY – The New York Mets are determined to take it to the next level in 2023. Their first order of business is to fix a wrong that’s been ignored for years. The ignoring of two season ticket holders.

The names of Eddie Boison and Nick Giampietro may not sound familiar to anyone in particular, until one comes across them. They both have been staples at Shea Stadium and that new ballpark they call CitiField. Eddie is Cow-Bell Man, and Nick is Pin-Man.

Since 1975 Eddie has banged his cowbell to the tune of “Lets Go Mets.” He walks through the stands and riles up the fans with his instrument when there’s a rally in need. Eddie chit chats with everyone he confronts, whether it’s the cheap seats or the elite seats.

Nick the Pin Man has become the unofficial Mayor in the stands. His pin collection decorates his home Mets jersey, and when you add the lighted ones, he’s practically a walking Christmas tree.

Nick, a Howard Beach resident will pose for a selfie with everyone. In fact both Nick and Eddie have taken more photos with fans than Mr. and Mrs. Met. Nick will always give a fan a plastic bracelet with a saying on it. His joy is watching fans eyes light up whenever they’re in front of him.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

These two stadium institutions are part of the Mets fan experience when they come to cheer their team. For that alone the Mets hierarchy need to do the right thing.

Mets owners Steve and Alexandra Cohen have brought hope into this franchise. As a Mets fan who grew up in Great Neck, Long Island, Steve totally gets it. He is also a victim of the heartbreaks that Mets fans have gone through season after season. Throughout his years attending Mets games, Steve has surely witnessed Pin Man, and heard sounds from Cow-Bell Man.

The time is now to reward these two superfans for their support and entertainment to both the team, and their fellow fans. Steve and Alex need to give the green light and give Cow Bell-Man and Pin Man a season credential for free access into the ballpark. They both have been paying for entrance into the games without ever having their butts touch their paid for seats. The main purpose for both is to leave a smile on the Mets fanbase.


What’s crazy is they even have to shell out money for parking fees. Pin Man’s car is decorated with so many Mets stickers that it’s become the official Metsmobile. In this new era of ownership the ignorance of the Wilspons has to turn into the awareness of the Cohens. Please Mr. and Mrs. Cohen, you’re on the right track to turning things around in Flushing, New York. For 2023, do the right thing and start it in the stands.

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