Sports Rain Man: Bills Lose in Epic Fashion; J-E-T-S Win (kinda), Giants Win!

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday, everybody! As per our weekly Small Town Market Watch, I was grocery shopping at the local supermarket and there was a guy trying to shop and watch the Buffalo Bills game on his phone. I have only seen New Yorkers do this if it is a playoff game. But of course, in Buffalo, every game is a playoff game.  Another day in small-town Buffalo. Anyway, here are the topics for today: Bills Lose in Epic Fashion; J-E-T-S Win (kinda), Giants Win!

Bills Lose in Epic Fashion

The BILLS lost in a manner so stunning it could only be a Buffalo loss. The last time a saw a team lose in such a manner it was when Angry Ward’s Minnesota Vikings losing to the New Orleans Saints. Oddly enough, it was the Vikings on the winning side of this game. There is so much to recap, I don’t know where to start. The Bills looked dominate in the first half, scoring 24 points. Everything was clicking, as Devin Singletary ran for 2 TDs, Josh Allen threw for one, and the defense was consistently coming up with big plays to stymie the Minnesota offense. They were up 24-10 at the half. In the second half, despite the Bills making turnovers and stalling out, the defense got turnovers and forced stops. The offense managed a field goal while the Vikings scored of a big run and a long 13-play drive to be down 27-23 with 4 minutes to go. The Vikings defense got the ball back and Kirk Cousins & Co drove to the Bills 1 yard line with a minute to go. However, the Bills defense held up, including stuffing a 4 & goal from the half-yard marker. So with just a little under a minute left all the Bills had to do was a QB sneak and run out the clock but in a Miracle at the Meadowlands fashion, they fumbled the snap and the Vikings dove on it for a touchdown to take the lead 27-24. The Bills somehow shook that off to get a game-tying field goal in the remaining 45 seconds. In the OT, Minnesota drove to near the Bills goal line and kicked a field goal. The Bills fired back and were only 20 yards out when Allen threw a pick to end the game. Bills lose in spectacular fashion.

J-E-T-S Win (kinda)

The Buffalo Bills loss means that the Jets remain in second – but that is still a win for the Jets. The Bills fall to third place in the super competitive AFC East. The new division leaders are the Dolphins but the Jets currently hold the tiebreaker, since Gang Green beat them. They don’t face each other again until the final game of the season. By that time, the Jets will have an opportunity to make the game irrelevant. So, the Jets have a chance to be in the driver’s seat – if they win next week against the Patriots.

Giants Win

Junoir Blaber: Jet Fan

The Giants won a game they should have won… the Jints beat up on the soup can that is the Houston Texans. I was watching the highlights and they mentioned that the Texans lead the league in missed tackles. Sure enough, I watched the Giants score a touchdown on a whiff by a defender and the receiver takes it down the sideline to the house. Houston also couldn’t tackle enough to stop Saquon Barkley on his 32 carries. The Texans offense could not consistently do its job. The weirdest part was when Houston was down by 11 with under 30 seconds left. They adopted for a FG to get them withing one score but they took so long they ended up with 8 seconds left for the onside kick. The Giants secured the kick. No surprise the Texans have one win. They have a bad team. I hope Lovie Smith is given enough time to turn the team around and is not a sacrificial lamb.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney, who will give his $0.02 on the Bills loss and Giants win.

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