Eagles vs Chiefs: Focusing On Favorite Super Bowl Tidbits

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SPANISH HARLEM – My Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl and they will face the AFC Champions Kansas Chiefs. While this was always the dream scenario for Eagles fan, facing Patrick Mahomes will not be easy… but this is not the reason I’m writing this article. Today, the focus is on things that I find interesting.  Thus the healine: Eagles vs Chiefs: Focusing On Favorite Super Bowl Tidbits.

Jalen Hurts vs Patrick Mahomes

Once the dust settled and everyone knew who would be in the Super Bowl, someone in the media pointed out that this will be the first ever where two blacks quarterbacks face each on the biggest stage. I remember growing up, where black quarterback in the NFL were few and far between. There was a racial bias within the NFL, believing that black athletes were incapable of the playing the quarterback position and had to play a different position to make it in the league. That has differently changed and with good reason. We see now that people can be idiots, even thoughs in positions of power. Not only are Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes great athletes but they are also two of the best quarterbacks in the league today. Congrats to both on an amazing accomplishment.

Jason and Travis Kelce

Another first in Super Bowl history; the Kelce brothers will be the first siblings to face each other in the big game. If you have not heard their podcast or watch them on YouTube, please do so immediately. They are a riot. Their New Heights podcast has been rated the number 1 podcast on Apple and Spotify. Trust me when I tell you, it is so much fun. It will be interesting to see what they say in there their next episode and I will leave a link to their show. As, Travis Kelce stated in his press conference after the game “Mama Kelce can’t lose.

Andy Reid Against His Former Team

Buddy Diaz, Meet The Matts
Buddy Diaz

I love Andy Reid because before becoming head coach of the Eagles, all we did was lose (of at least it felt that way). He definitely changed this team from the lovable losers to one of the best teams and runs, any organization could ask for from their head coach. It was bittersweet when he left but since then, he has showed himself to be one of the great ones and will definitely be enshrined in the Hall of Fame, when he decides to call it quits. With that said, I hope he loses in two weeks.

That’s it for,  let me know in the comments what you find interesting in this Super Bowl matchup and come back tomorrow for Different Matt, Short Matt or Cam James – if he is off his bender.



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