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NEW YORK, NY – We’re at an exciting time on the American sports calendar. The NBA and NHL are gearing up for theĀ  post-season. March Madness is hopping mad, and the last drops of juice are being squeezed out of MLB’s Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues ahead of a much-anticipated Opening Day. Further, you have on-going NFL drama with Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers, plus Major League Rugby is now in Round 6 of 16.

Mets Scoreboard

The New York Mets lost $135,000,000.00 last year, according to Forbes Magazine. Much of that was likely spent on the BIG scoreboard that now overwhelms the stadium, on the inside and out. Is bigger better? We’ll see. But my guess is that the MTM Staff will be the only people in the stadium actually watching what goes on between the diamond’s white lines. But heck, with all the BIG stars on the Amazins’ roster, you can’t have some rinky-dink scoreboard. Not that the last one was, mind you. You can bet that umpires are going to HATE this thing.

Lamar Jackson

Apparently, this guys needs to start misbehaving. All he did wrong was NOT do something wrong. His peers, the sexual misconduct guy in Cleveland, and the kooky, dark hole dude in Green Bay, got/are getting boatloads. Deshaun Watson got a 5-year, fully guaranteed $230 million contract. Aaron Favre Rodgers is going to get [more] generational wealth from the J-E-T-S. He already has NYJ GM and coaching power and he’s still a Packer! Yet, L-Jack TM (he needs to have a name like this to sound douchier) is without a team or any seemingly interested suitors. The guy doesn’t even have an agent that you have to haggle with – it’s just him and… wait for it… HIS MOM!!! Pay the guy, Baltimore. That city needs someone to do something smart for a change.

Green on Green Crime

Need to know more about the aforementioned Aaron Rodgers? The guy has managed to pit the municipalities of East Rutherford, NJ and Green Bay, WI against each other. These respective homes of the New York Jets and your Green Bay Packers are all aflutter… on Twitter, at least. It’s about compensation. Sports radio and social media accounts are full of deals that will get this done. There is an avalanche of opinion on who has the most leverage. Let’s get some facts out there:

-The Jets gave the Pack a conditional 4th round pick for a then 38-year-old Brett Favre. Favre had 3 MVPs and a Super Bowl ring. He was a year younger than Rodgers.
-The Packers have no other solution but to unload Rodgers. They’ve already banned him from the facility, yet he is on their payroll.
Zack Wilson is the current Gang Green QB
Aaron Rodgers is 39, extremely wealthy, and has the earning power off the field to make whatever the Jets throw at him, should he retire. He only wants to play with the Jets – until he changes his mind.

The only person out there on any station or platform that I thought made sense about this farcical fiasco is Bart Scott. See if you can track down him yelling at a really stupid Jets fan yesterday on ESPN radio. The fan wanted to give up the Jets #13 first-round pick. HOW DUMB ARE YOU JETS FANS?! While neither team has any other options but to get this done, the Packers have ZERO juice. ZERO.

Best Rugby Shows

Rugby is a game of non-stop action, players that act healthy to stay in the match and is over in 80 minutes.

Give these a shot:

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