Big Ben Tuesday: Heat and Golden Knights Finally Advance to Finals

Miami, FL: A week ago all four NBA and NHL playoffs had a chance to be sweeps. But going in to Monday night, the finals in both leagues still were not set. In Game 7, Miami rebounded from a devastating Game 6 loss, and avoided making history in an extremely entertaining series. The Golden Knights straightened themselves out in Game 6 and crushed the Stars. Both leagues now go to the finals.

Heat Holds On

Playoff Jimmy disappeared for few games, nearly head faking his way to blowing a three game lead. But luckily, Playoff Caleb showed up and picked up the slack. What a performance by Martin. I wonder if his twin brother Cody’s stock went up by DNA association.

The Heat were the lowest scoring team in the league. They had four undrafted free agents playing key roles. I sure didn’t want to see another Boston team come back from an 0-3 hole, but even outside of that, it was hard to dislike this team.

Tough break for Boston, with Tatum getting hurt on the game’s first possession. Derrick White was pretty much the only Celtic to show up, and he got them close in the third, cutting it to five at one point. But he had no help.

Have we talked about Tyler Herro’s sideline outfits? My man looks like he’s in a mockumentary for a horrendous, fake boy band.

Knights Advance

The Vegas G Knights crushed the Stars by a touchdown, and will face the Panthers in the finals. If you look at their roster, you might wonder how tf they did it. The roster is not exactly loaded wtih top tier talent. Their top line includes deadlines acquisition grinder Ivan Barbashev, the type of player the Rangers should’ve targeted at the deadline over Patrick Kane.

Note for next year, ignore the shiny toys and pick up the cement truck.


NBA: Miami vs Denver. I don’t want to underestimate the Heat, but it feels like the Nuggets’ year. Denver in 6.

NHL: Vegas vs Florida, an original six matchup. But seriously, this is a tough one. The Golden Knights have the killer defense and the Panthers have a knack for finding a way. Knights in 7.

That’s it for me. Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward. 

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