MLB Needs To Get Their Pride In Order

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WHITESTONE, NY – As I write this column I’m scratching my head, wondering what the hell is going on. Major League Baseball has fallen on its a$$ with their new woke policies. A sporting event that catered to pure family entertainment is now catering to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. They have been invited to be a part of its Pride Night promotion. The group is known to mock religion. All I can ask myself is… Why? Not, why are they mocking religion… Why are they being invited?

How is this a fit in with America’s pastime?

There is no whispering on my end about this subject. If you’re gonna have a day involving gays and transgenders, can a day for straights be far behind?

Who has the job figuring out who is what? They umpires already have too much going on with the pitch clock.

The Los Angeles Dodgers caused plenty of commotion with their invitation of the drag troupe. Dodgers ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw had an issue with this, as he believes the group is anti-Catholic. The Dodgers responded by scheduling a Christian Faith and Family Day at Dodger Stadium.

Kershaw, a devout Christian, has no issue with the LGBTQ community. The particular aforementioned group is the with which he [allegedly] has difficulty. He’s not alone. A few other Major Leaguers have spoken up and they’re getting crucified.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

This is the new America. This is what we have become in the last few years. You can’t have an opinion that others find awkward or perceived as politically incorrect. The changes have dragged into MLB. The execs that make decisions need to get a clue and envision what can happen when a transgender enters the men’s room. How do you think a bunch of drunk, urinating fans standing side-by-side are going to react? What about the ladies room reaction when a she-man stands over a toilet bowl? Will security be posted inside the restrooms? No need. We’ll just have the umpires handle it.

Maybe MLB should do research and find out how many baseball fans are among this community. How does this group fit in these stadiums? It’s a far cry from having Giants fans in Dodger Stadium or Mets fans in Yankee Stadium. Look at the dropping sales of Budweiser and Target. Can baseball afford to lose more fans?

This is one hell of a way to bring the kids back to the game!

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