Number Zero Has A New Meaning: Domingo German

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Two Zeroes... Domingo German and the meddling Matt Blake, his Pitching Coach

OAKLAND, CA – A few years ago I wrote an article on NY Yankees pitcher Domingo German. It was after his personal drama got him suspended, and the problem I had with the number 55 he wore on his back. I suggested he give up that number which was worn gracefully by ex- Yankee Hideki Matsui. The number 0 would have fit him well at the time because that’s what he was, a zero!

Did he read my story and take my advice? Well,  “0” was the line score on his latest outing, as in 0-0-0 Wednesday night. While the East Coast was asleep, the Great German was just that. He pitched the fourth perfect game in Yankees history, joining Don Larsen-1956, David Wells-1998, and David Cone– 1999. What a coincidence that all four names start with the letter D.

It was the 24th perfect game pitched in MLB history and not even ANALytics could have blown this one, even if it tried.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

Word of advice to that moron of a pitching coach, Matt Blake: when the no-no countdown begins stay away from that pitcher. The paranoid coach, who constantly covers his mouth when he speaks, was seen all over the TV, yapping away to German through interpreter, Marlon Abreu. Blake got so caught up in the moment that he forgot to cover his mouth as he spoke.

The cardinal rule of silence during the countdown, was shelved as it appeared that Blake was flooding German with ANALytic information. The moron of a coach should have sat his ass next to German’s catcher Kyle Higashioka, who stayed 60 feet and 6 inches away from that night’s Great German.

What a blow baseball would have taken if the ANALytic-controlled game decided German didn’t need to face the batting order on its third try. On this one night the game didn’t suck, and German’s uniform number 0 has a brand new meaning.

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