Angry Ward Wednesday: KC is Ruining Mahomes, MLB Has Ruined the Regular Season, and Golden State Goes Gray

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BRONX, NY – Autumn is here, in all its glory. Sweaters and jackets once again seeing the light of day, neighbors picked way too many apples, so we reap the benefits, and the New York Football Giants’ season is pretty much over. There are some things you can just set your watch to. But you didn’t come here to listen to me wax poetic about the leaves changing or rank ciders, you came for your weekly shot of sports vitriol… yes, even you people who don’t believe in shots. Let’s get to it then.

Patrick Mahomes. As my headline would strongly suggest, I am here to tell you that the Kansas City Chiefs organization is ruining their all-everything quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. I didn’t judge KC when they decided not to shell out record money to keep speed-demon receiver Tyreek Hill, but I am sure has hell judging them for failing to surround Mahomes with any real pass-catching talent outside of Gigantor tight end, Travis Kelce. In two short years, Mahomes has gone from someone who would regularly throw for 300-400 yards and 3+ touchdowns a game, to a guy who struggles to hit the 300-yard mark (4 of his six games have been under), has only thrown 3 TDs in one game, and become the undisputed King of the Three-Yard Touchdown. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. Wasn’t Mahomes supposed to be the new face of the NFL? You can’t have a star like him throwing to a bunch of guys who would struggle to be the #3 receiver on a LOT of NFL teams. It was great that the Chiefs finally cut bait with ultra-soft Mecole Hardman, but they have done nothing to fill the Tyreek void. Nothing. At least my Vikes replaced Stefon Diggs with Justin Jefferson. It’s not easy, to find someone of that caliber, but don’t throw up your hands and revert to the old Belichick model of surrounding your star QB with a bunch of no-name, never-was wideouts. You want another example of something like what’s happening to Mahomes? Look no further than the Titans, who traded A.J. Brown to Philly. Ask Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry how it’s been going since he left. At least the Titans fired their GM afterwards. Bottom line is, have a plan. The Chiefs appear to have no plan other than, “Let Patrick throw to Kelce, check it down to the backs, and try to run for first downs.” Get a decent receiver for him already.

OK, that ran way longer than I had planned. Let’s hit these last two quickly.

Baseball Regular Season Now Meaningless. Baseball used to be the pro sport that truly rewarded the hard-fought slog of a 162 season. Back then it was two divisions in both the National and American league, those two division winners would play for the respective NL and AL Pennants and the winners would face off in the World Series. Everyone else got to go home. Baseball fans used to laugh at leagues like the NBA and NHL where virtually everyone got in the playoffs. Baseball is now just like those leagues… and it sucks. Three teams managed to win 100 games this year, and all three of those teams are out of the playoffs. Why strive for regular-season greatness anymore when you can win just enough games, load-manage your players, and hit the gas in October? Garbage.

Golden State Worrier. My friend Gus texting me asking if I was excited for the upcoming NBA season. Outside of rooting against certain teams and players (Hi, Kyrie!), I’m not too hyped for my Warriors and their “let’s make one more run with a bunch of feisty old guys” plan. I will definitely watch, and root for Curry, Klay, CP3, and Draymond, but this formula only seems to work in Hollywood movies.

Speaking of movies, time to roll the credits. Come on back tomorrow for Buddy Diaz, who should be pleading with the Yankees to hire Kim Ng.

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