Rashad Jennings’ Wheel of Misfortune, Rick Pitino, MLB Playoffs Rooting

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HOLBROOK, NY  – Hello again friends, it’s the FSS Jackson docking in Port Mattville again. Today, we’ll be attempting to provide a distraction from the horrors of the current world… and no, the Arizona Diamondbacks being this far into the postseason is not one of them. Dis is dem: MLB Playoffs Rooting, Rashad Jennings’ Wheel of Misfortune, Rick Pitino.

Rashad Jennings’ Wheel of Misfortune

Boy, talk about being out of it. How can you not know Quentin Tarantino’s name? Well, former NY Giant Jennings, a grown man that retired from the NFL in 2017, is 38-years-old and doesn’t. Not sure if that is good or bad but it sure points to him living in cave. Check this out:

We cannot confirm or deny that he was on an earlier Wheel of Fortune and was faced with: New York _iants, and chose a “T” – thinking the “Team Name” was New York Tiants – for former Red Sox pitcher Luis Tiant.

Rick Pitino

We are right around the corner from college basketball season, which means Rick Pitino and his red storm are almost ready for the biggest season since Chris Mullin’s last year as coach in 2019. 14 new players have transferred in from the portal to give my beloved Johnnies a Top 30 AP vote to begin the season. Key newcomers include the second leading scorer in the country, Jordan Dingle (formerly of Penn University), and a true superstar in Chris Ledlum (formally of Harvard). Those two, combined with returning player Joel Soriano, give the Red Storm as good of a Big 3 as anyone in the Big East. Even with the defending national champion UConn Huskies & teams like Creighton and Marquette, the league will be loaded.

MLB Playoffs Rooting

You need an example of just how dire things are for some Major League Baseball fans when it come to backing one of the remaining team? Check out the first 2 minutes of this show, in which MTM founder Short Matt talks about the Phillies. It’s just tragic. But we all share his pain.

Jackson Sternberg

So, who do you root for in this? Arizona if full of blue-hairs and golfers that don’t care about baseball… Texas? Mets fans want them to lose with Scherzer and deGromHouston? They are forever labeled as cheaters. It’s tough, I tell ya!

As the great Jon Rothstien would say, “This is only October!”

Thank you for checking out today’s article, come back tomorrow for Aristotle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis.

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