Angry Ward Wednesday: Headless Yankees, Meet the Mendoza, and Well Wishes for Aaron Rodgers

NEW YORK, NY – Well, it’s Wednesday once again. Look, I’m not gonna waste your time talking about the weather or the upcoming holidays or the Tuscan Chicken Soup I made this past Sunday. So, let’s just get to it, shall we?

Yankees Have No Leadership. According to an article I just read, New York Yankees “owner” Hal Steinbrenner consulted with current and former players before deciding to bring Aaron Boone back as manager. That alone should tell you plenty about the current state of the Yankees. Along with Boone, who should have been fired eons ago, Brian Cashman is still hanging on as GM and will probably bring in a high-priced free agent pitcher this winter who will undoubtedly be a bust. Cashman has company too. The Yankees also employ two former GMs as advisers. It must be comforting to Cashman to have both Brian Sabean and Omar Minaya standing behind him… knives sharpened. But for the Bombers, that’s not near enough chefs in the decision-making kitchen, so they also hired a sports consulting firm called Zelus Analytics to check under the organizational hood and tinker. This suggestion came from Assistant GM Michael Fishman… whoever the f**k that is. Quite frankly, I’m a little insulted that I haven’t been offered a position with the Yankees yet. But with all these brains hard at work, I am looking forward to seeing this team in 2024. Should be fun.

Mets Hire Another Yankee. You didn’t think I was gonna let the Mets off easy today, did you? I like your optimism. Though it hasn’t been officially announced, Steve Cohen is hiring Aaron Boone’s bench coach, Carlos Mendoza, to be the next Mets manager. I don’t know anything about Carlos Mendoza except these two things:
1. Carlos Mendoza looks like Chris Penn decided to dress up as a baseball player for Halloween
2. Carlos Mendoza worked closely with Aaron Boone.

I’m starting to think that Steve Cohen’s business acumen might begin and end with “You have a lot of money, which makes it easy to make even more money.” Cohen and the Mets need to stop dumpster-diving in the Bronx. I liked the Buck Showalter hire. It didn’t work out. Neither did Craig Counsell. But don’t throw up your hands and just hire the next guy who sounds the part and is geographically closest. You keep doing that, and eventually you end up with Short Matt as your skipper and all of New York needing a giant Silkwood decontamination shower.

Finally, a brief word about football.

Get Well Soon, Aaron Rodgers. I don’t know about everyone else, but I sure am looking forward to Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers succeeding at coming back way ahead of schedule from his ruptured Achilles and, once again, proving everyone wrong. If anyone can do it, Aaron can! And there’s no better way of illustrating that you are ALL THE WAY BACK from an injury than running for your life behind a craptastic offensive line, while desperately trying to find triple-covered Garrett Wilson open, because your other buddies at WR kinda suck. Bring. It. On.

Tomorrow Buddy Diaz will be bringing it… whatever IT is. See ya next week.

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