A True Punk in Travis Kelce

WHITESTONE, NY – I’ve gotta say this, Travis Kelce is a punk. What he did to Andy Reid was a total scrub move. For a Kansas City Chiefs player to curse out his coach and knock him to the ground, during the most watched sporting event in history, and then continue to play in the game is what we’ve become as a society.

In a society where youngsters are cursing out their parents when they don’t get their way, Kelce’s actions were treated with total ignorance by both his coach, the organization and the media.

After the game he gets up on the podium holding the Super Bowl trophy and rambles into the mic sounding like a drunken fool. His noise pollution performance showed the world the white trash of an individual that he is. A few weeks ago his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, showed the nation a similar trait, as he exposed his blubber of a body by taking off his shirt while watching the Chiefs playoff game in Taylor Swift’s suite. He looked like the blob and a slob.

Being part of America’s next “Power Couple” not only did Travis make his so-called girlfriend look desperate for a man to her #Swifties, he made Alex Rodriguez, who’s gimmick relationship with Jennifer Lopez, look like a standup guy.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

Hopefully by next year’s Super Bowl this drunk punk will go away and follow A-Rod and another member of a past power couple named Kanye West, when he was matched up with Kim Kardashian.

We’ll all hear the lyrics in Swift’s next album about the jerk that she dumped. More exposure can’t get you love.

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