Sports Rain Man: Mets Spring Training, NFL Free Agency, Women’s Basketball

NIAGARA FALLS, NY – It is snowing up here. Crazy for March but not if you live up here. I know we will get another snow storm between now and the end of May, ’cause its Buffalo. With that, the news is a bit light but I found some talking points for you, our dedicated/patient readers.  Here are the topics for today: Mets Spring Training, NFL Free Agency, Women’s Basketball.

Mets Spring Training

Good News, Bad News. Good News is Edwin Diaz will make his spring debut this week. He hasn’t pitched competitive match since tearing his ACL last March. Bad news is Kodai Senga is out until May, highly touted prospect Ronnie Mauricio is out for 6-8 months – which is basically the season – and starting pitchers Max Kranick and David Peterson are injured for an indeterminate amount of time. I really wonder why I am stupid enough to have hope with the Mets each season. I think it’s me being a homer and believing that with the pressure off – and not much hope – they may have a decent season… sneak into a Wild Card. I don’t know who will be pitching but a good front end is overrated. Yet, the bullpen was terrible last season, so maybe we can flip it this season.

NFL Free Agency

The official start of Free Agent season is almost here but we already have some moves.  I was shocked that Denver is gonna eat 80 million to get rid of Russell Wilson. He was not Denver’s guy but it is not his fault they traded for him. They didn’t have an offense that benefited him. Remember this dead cap space when you hear teams say they have to make tough financial decisions, as apparently eating that kind of money is,  being no problem. Yet a top DE asks for a pay raise and they say, {we ain’t got it. ” By all indications it looks like Russell’s new team will be the Steelers. It might be a good fit. They have weapons and a coach that can make the offense suit him… Apparently the Patriots are done with Mac Jones and will trade him to Jacksonville for a 6th round draft pick… Kansas City re-signed defensive star Chris Jones to a massive deal, while Baker Mayfield re-signed with the Buccaneers.

Women’s Basketball

Junior Blaber

It is wild what is going on with women’s game. In college, Caitlin Clark broke Pistol Pete Maravich’s scoring record, with the help of a three point line. (Some say there is a NAIA record, which preceded the NCAA women’s record, she is yet to break)…  JuJu Watkins of USC and Hannah Hidalgo of Notre Dame are filling up seats and selling t-shirts and will be the new faces of women’s college game. Clark will be the face of of the WNBA when see there, but the WNBA has Breanna Stewart and A’ja Wilson lead them. I am encouraged by the diversity because as was pointed out by a former WNBA Player of the Year that, although the players of color have carried the league and make up its majority, there is never as much coverage compared to successful white players.

Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from the aforementioned Big Ben Whitney.

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