Autumnal Geography: Tigers/Rangers, Brewers/Cards, Giants & Packers

Everywhere and Nowhere- Let’s hammer out some autumnual geography, shall we?

Smoke `em if ya got `em

Detroit: Yes. I lived in Michigan from 1985-1992. Spent some of the best years of my life there. Lost my virginity there (I was upholding the cherished MtM tradition of not getting laid in HS). Smoked my first cigarette there. Watched Bucky Dent’s first game as manager of the New York Yankees there in the old Tiger Stadium. It was a beautiful, decrpit baseball cathedral at the corner of Michigan and Trumbell in downtown Motor City. The Tigers have paid their penance for eliminating the Yankees from this year’s playoffs by suffering some humiliating defeats in the ALCS.  Now I’m rooting for them to rout those Texas root hogs.  Go Tigers!

St. Loius: No. Afraid I can’t even begin to describe how tired I am of Tony LaRussa at this point. Have always considered him to be a tremendously disappointing post-season manager and now’s the time for him to live down to that reputation. Plus, you’ll never convince me that Albert Pujols isn’t a juicer. Big time. Whoring himself for Sunny D. You know it. Meanwhile Prince Fielder’s just fat, god bless him. Go Brewers!

The Meadowlands. Kinda, Maybe. Just wanna give a huge shout out to the G-Men for coughing it up last week while hosting the hapless Seattle Seahawks. No one east of the Puget Sound thought they would lose that game . . . which is why half the people in my King of the Hill pool took them to win. And down them mofo’s go! Probably woulda fallen into the same trap myself, but there are no repeats and I’d taken the Giants the week before against the Cardinals (that’s Arizona, not St. Louis anymore), so instead I sweated out a comeback by the New Orleans Saints in Charlotte. Starting with almost fifty folks, there’s only five of us left. And among them, I’m the only one who can go against, you guessed it, St. Louis this week because I’m still eligible to play…

He never made it to St. Louie

Green Bay. Yes! Mid-October in Wisconsin. Now that there’s some real autumnul beauty and whatnot. Leaves turning, sunsests on the lake, Aaron Rodgers shredding the Rams’ secondary. I’m so confident the Packers will put the beat down on St. Louis tomorrow that not only am I publicly announcing my pick  ahead of time, but as a show of hubris,  I might watch the game while wearing a Rams jersey. You know, just to taunt fate and throw a little love to  MtM’s very own in-house Rams fan, Grote2DMax. Maybe a cool old one like Lawrence McCutcheon or Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch. Go Packers!

You may have noticed I passed up the opportunity to make any Cheese Head jokes. That’s because we”ve got our own Cheesy Bruin. Check him out tomorrow. In the meantime, you can follow my blog and my tweets.


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