Join Us For A Day Of Horse Sh!t Next Week

Cheesy Bruin

NEW YORK, NY – “The summer wind comes blowin’ in from across the sea” signals the death of spring at precisely 7:09 post meridian on Wednesday. Plans are set for summer’s first weekend and the good times will roll all day long. Making its debut, like summer, is the inaugural MTM Day at Belmont Racetrack, rain or shine on Saturday, June 23rd about half an hour prior to first race post time.

June is a hectic month. By that I mean financially draining – for a guy who’s looking for a pot to piss in these days. In keeping with the beginning and end motif, scrambling for ideas to finance gifts for a wedding (birth and death for the second-time bride and groom?), a Staten Island Mafioso baptism and more importantly, a day at the track with some of the motley MTM bunch took some thinking. Let me explain…

More than 12 years ago my first marriage died. In 2003 Mamma Bruin took to the big ashtray in the sky with a carton or five of Barclay 100’s. All that was tangibly left from these two events was a size 13 solid 14K gold wedding band from the former and jewelry of mom’s and some of my own – as Italians are stereotypically known to sport. Let’s just say what I got back in return for this assortment of precious metal funds all of June… and maybe even a “Summer of Cheesy Bruin.

The jewelry store owner quoted me an amount $75 less than the highest bidder but paid in Benjamins as opposed to check. Piss on the paper trail, I took the greenbacks! A half hour of leg work and less time sorting through the gold and silver returned a trifecta-like payout and am spreading the good will as I look for a head count to prepare a decent amount of drink and vittles—nothing big just as much beer as my cooler can handle and a little nosh. With age comes wisdom, or so it has been said, as I intend to budget a cap of ten bucks per race. If I’m walking around lucky and not even knowing it, maybe I’ll “Let It Ride” and when I win I’ll fly the Bruin Mobile up to Nova Scotia to watch the total eclipse of the sun with Cookie and Lori Levine.

So far, the lineup includes: Angry Ward, Cookie, Different Matt, Sam’s-A-Fan, The Public Professor and the maybe status of Junoir Blaber and Cam James. An invite to the regulars is extended and respond in the comments, please. The absolute travesty of nary a reply from The Matts—or “Management” as they are sometimes referred and the lovely Lori Levine, half the beauty (kisses your way Cookie) of the Mothership is unsettling. All attendees are clamoring for your commitment. Let’s make it a Pope of Greenwich Village, Starry Hope kind of day as “We lo$e a few to the $ummer wind, warmmmmmm, $ummer wind.

West Coast Craig, cleans up tomorrow.

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  1. I am positive that Saturday at Belmont will be the best event of the summer. No doubt in my mind. Clancy will be there, don’t you worry. I think it’s a travesty that neither Matt has signed on… yet.

    • A-Dubya, Short Matt won’t know if he’s working on a paid gig for the 2nd time in a year until Friday… Tall Matt doesn’t know about it because he’s too busy brushing up on trivia to read any of this…

  2. Wish I could dump the change in my change plate and get a plane ticket back for that.  I see a day full of exotics and pick-sixes for you, Cheese.  

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