The Mets Won A Ballgame Last Night…

NEW YORK, NY – The 50-year wait is over. Johan Santana, a man with a remade arm, pitched the upstart NY Mets into history, allowing zero hits to Major League Baseball’s reigning champions, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Freeze time for a second. See if you can remember the kid from Queens that crashed into the wall… What’s his first name? How about the last batter for the Cards – the one that struck out? Who was that third base coach that almost got tossed arguing – correctly – that the ball off his #3 hitter’s bat was fair and should have been a double? That #3 hitter will now be remembered more for that foul than anything fair he hit wearing orange and blue… What was the final score?

Here’s the moment for you. It’s not on our YouTube page because we know it will get yanked by MLB Money Cops. Until that happens, just watch it over and over.

Nice work, Johan. Thank you

The Mets won a ballgame last night…

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