S.O.S. For Teams In Distress???

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POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – Since Girls Scouts Troop 1144 performed an ABBA song at the 2012 Talent Show, my eight-year old-now watches Mamma Mia as part of her DVD rotation… which is about every other day. The musical, played at high volume for the house to hear, has my ears sending an SOS for plugs. My cry for help coincides with today being the anniversary of three dots, three dashes, and three dots as the international symbol of distress, so here’s a sports-related take on those in need of help.

Nobody can catch up to this guy?!

The AL East chasers of the New York Yankees include the Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red (Hot) Sox, the Devil Jays and Tampa Jays… or something like that. Second-place Orioles are playing eight over .500 ball and way over their heads for the first time since The Titanic, apropos to today’s post, won best film. Kevin Youkilis, once the heart of the Red Sox was traded to the Pale Hose, much to the chagrin of New England fans and more importantly – there’s a good chance the Fenway clubhouse won’t be the same. The Rays are treading water and the Jays play baseball in Canada, so they are never a threat. The Bronx Bombers’ competition lineup cards start with the heading . . . – – – . . . as the four clubs send out an SOS to the baseball world.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are slipping into the Pacific Ocean. Gone is an eight-game lead in the NL West thanks to a string of games where the offense has gotten five or fewer hits in six of nine games. Zero runs scored in a three game sweep by the hated San Francisco Giants can only make things worse for Giants fans in Chavez Ravine parking lots – they better wear riot gear.  Matt Kemp‘s hamstring and Andre Either’s (day to day) strained oblique  have the Dodgers leading/only offensive threats on the pine. I’ll take manager Don Mattingly’s (who knows a thing or two about hitting mechanics) oblique outlook when he says such ailments are usually a twenty-day deal.

Every hockey fan is aware of Sydney Crosby’s talent and more are versed in his concussion issues. Over the past year and a half, the Pittsburgh Penguins cry-baby has received two violent shakes of brain matter forcing #87 to miss most of two NHL seasons. An environment of large players moving at ridiculous speeds on a playing surface having no “give” does not bode well for a person with Crosby’s medical history. Penguins management rewarded Sid The Kid with a twelve year $104.4 contract extension this past week… May Day, May Day, May Day!

Hakeem Nicks breaks a bone in his foot in mini camp in April and is uncertain for the season opener versus the Cowboys. Then David Diehl plays drunken demolition derby in Cam James’ Astoria neighborhood after watching “fake” football. Some other dope turns his car over a few times and comes away virtually unscathed. Big Blue fans might be a little uneasy, as these events are a harbinger of things to come for the NY Giants.

Anyone know the Morse Code for H-E-L-P ???

West Coast Craig, whose Dodgers have now lost 3 straight to the Mets, handles/sends out distress calls tomorrow.

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