Giants, Jets, Yanks & Mets Stinking Up The Joint

New York, NY – September is here, the children are back in school, the football season is underway, and baseball coming down the home stretch. It’s the best time of year in my opinion. Yet so far, we’ve seen the Giants, Jets, Yanks & Mets Stinking Up The Joint.

The Giants are 0-1 in the division after getting curb-stomped by the Cowboys at home Wednesday night. Big Blue’s secondary was routinely beaten like the red-headed stepchild of a rented mule. Corey Webster looked worse than Jason Sehorn out there (after Sehorn married Angie Harmon). At least Webster managed to keep his pants on while getting torched.

If the G-men don’t get some help for their secondary, it could be a long season of trying to eke out wins by scoring 45 points. Eli Manning looked good Wednesday. He’ll have to shoulder most of the offensive load this season because the running game is a bit suspect, especially in short yardage situations. Manning will be looking to break the 5,000 yard barrier this season after falling just short last year. The Giants should be fine. Should be another 10-win season and a playoff berth. We’ll see if the G-men have it in them to repeat.

The Jets have their season opener on Sunday against buffalobilly84’s Buffalo Bills. It’s a winnable game for Gang Green and might be the right game to get the reign of Sanch-Bow off to a good start. But if the Jets turn out to be as bad as everyone thinks they’re going to be, the Bills will win by 30 and every pass Sanch-Bow makes will be intercepted. I don’t think the Jets will be quite that bad, but they’re not a playoff team either.

Sanch-Bow is a two-headed monster.

The Jets completely abandoned the power running and solid defense that got them to successive AFC Championship games. Instead, they’ve decided to use the 7-ring circus approach trying to distract everyone from the fact that they’re not a very good team. That being said I think they’ll win about 7 games. Sanchez will start the season at QB. He’ll play poorly. The Jets will switch to Tebow a few weeks into the season. Tebow will suck more. And the Jets will revert back to Sanchez. All the while sticking to the story that Sanchez is the guy. If anything the Jets will win the battle for the back page of the tabloids for the foreseeable future.

On the baseball diamond, the Yankees’ lead in the AL East has completely evaporated. Before the season started, the Yanks had “too many” starting pitchers. Now I think Short Matt could crack the starting rotation. Freddy Garcia went from riding the pine to the number-2 starting role due to a conga line of injured starters.

At the plate, the homeruns have dried up. Swisher can’t hit, Granderson can’t hit and Cano has cooled off… a lot. A-Rod is back, and to quote motivational speaker Matt Foley, “la-dee-fricken-da.The Bombers are limping towards the finish line and if they don’t shape up soon, they’ll be watching the playoffs from home.

Apparently the Mets are still playing baseball as well. Who knew?

Be sure to see Cheesy Bruin’s unabashed Cowboys ass-kissing column today as well… I guess he’s so giddy seeing a Romo win, he couldn’t wait till Sunday.

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