NFL Football A to Z: Krazy George, WFL & Shahid Khan

Have your attention? Here’s NFL Football, A to Z…

And now for something different… NFL Football, A to Z

Aldo Nova isn’t a placekicking import from across the pond but the 1980’s solo artist whose Top 40 hit “Fantasy” reminds owners to put in their fantasy football lineups every week.
Beer is synonymous with football from tailgating at the venue to your living room television commercials.
Calendar… Look at yours right now because no other sports season flies by faster than the NFL’s. It’ll be January’s playoffs before you know it.
Dallas Cowboys 24, Super Bowl Champs 17
ESPN damn it! Football lovers are forced to watch the network for Monday Nighters.

I am not related to Chaka Khan!

First and Ten Before being “not guilty” of murder, O.J. Simpson was guilty of playing T.D. Parker in the HBO series of the same name.
Gambling on football games is a gateway vice leading wives to whoring and grandmas to selling prescription drugs on the street in order to pay their bookies.
Halftime is for releasing your bladder and moving your bowels held in since the second quarter so as not to miss any action.
Intoxication see “B” above
Jacksonville Jaguars new owner Shahid Khan will volunteer to play one regular season game in his native Pakistan to facilitate Roger Goodell’s NFL globalization plan.
Krazy George, professional cheerleader and inventor of the wave.

L is the Super Bowl Roman numeral I hope I’m still around to see.
M is for Meet The Matts — Ay yo, what the f*ck else!
Nosebleeds are where you’ll be sitting if Angry Ward invites you to a game. I love him for it but the Pentagon releases reconnaissance drones from his section.
O’s on the locker room chalk or dry erase board are for offense—not hugs.
Periods are why football was invented for men. As its currently witching time of the month in my house…praise the heavens a million times over for this Sunday sanctuary!
Questionable on the injury report sucks when you have to select your fantasy lineup and judgment relies on a prayer of being on the playing side of a 50/50 proposition.
T is for Tebow. Ask God and He will tell you the same.
Under, as in Angry Ward’s, Grote2DMax’s, and my friend Johnny, who shows sporadically here to rear his ugly head – thus keeping points at a minimum.
V is always for victory.

World Football League nicknames weren’t exactly politically correct. In Honolulu their local team was known simply as The Hawaiians. The Memphis Southmen and the Chicago Fire would’ve raised a lot of eyebrows today along with play-by-play announcers John Sterling (NY Stars) and Larry King (Shreveport Steamers). NY played their home games at Downing Stadium, which is more famous for hosting Short Matt’s rugby games and Pele’s first game as a New York Cosmo.
XX The Most Interesting Man in the World knows his football–taught Lombardi the Power Sweep.
Yepremian, Garo 5’8” 175 lbs. Native of Cyprus and named to Sports Illustrated Dr. Z’s All-decade team (1970’s)

The Big Cheese Wheel NFL Pick of the Week: Jets minus “the number”.  And don’t miss D.J. Eberle’s breakdown of today’s biggest games

Wake up in time for The Public Professor and West Coast Craig, tomorrow.

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