Top 5 All-Time Players To Build Your Team Around

Will your Top 5 All-Time Players have Josh Gibson or Babe Ruth?

NEW YORK, NY – Okay… So, you’re in a new kind of Fantasy Baseball League. This one doesn’t include knowing how many errors Derek Norris has or what Blake Beaven’s WHIP is… No this one is even more Fantastic. It requires you to use… your imagination. You task? Pick your Top 5 All-Time Players To Build Your Team Around. We’ve given you 50. Scroll through and move players around – the gizmo is interactive. You can also add your own if you like… Perhaps JG Clancy and Angry Ward and will add Derek and Blake, respectively… Oh, and include 1 pitcher.

Here’s our painstakingly picked 50:

Top All-Time Players To Build Team Around

Did you forget your Satchel?

Not so easy, is it?! Start making your case now…

Cheesy Bruin with NFL picks, tomorrow.

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