Cheesy Bruin’s Ruthian-like .714 Winning NFL Picks %

And baby, we’re hot!

PITTSBURGH, PA – The recurring theme on MTM Sundays is a 3-1 win-loss record of solid betting advice.  Last week was no different with Miami the only blemish in a no-cover win. Putting more cash in your pocket are the following:

In Week #6, I finally got off the schneid with my first winning OVER pick of the year.  This week I intend on hammering away on “it” with NBC’s Football Night in America game. To little surprise, the Steelers have been quite the enigma thus far, as Vegas is well aware, installing Pittsburgh as a very slight favorite in all of their games.  This signifyies bettors will rely on the brand name more than the solid facts. More surprising is Team Tomlin blowing offensive farts at home (0-2 UNDER) and getting caught on defense while, for the most part, keeping pace scoring on the road (3-0 OVER). Meanwhile, Cincinnati has been playing fast and loose on both sides of the ball all season long.  Pittsburgh is pissed off after blowing their last outing—also a nationally televised game. PITT/CIN OVER 45

Cheesy Bruin to the rescue!

There’s one game that point spread novices are sure to fall prey to this week but, I’m not fallin’ for it one bit. Houston is giving 6 ½ point at home to Baltimore. Don’t worry about who’s not playing or returning for the Ravens defense, because the offense has carried this team and needs to continue doing so for the remainder of the year for them to be successful. Winning four straight but failing on each occasion to cover the number is a money-burnin’ rarity. Hoards of gamblers will be getting off the Amtrak train to Baltimore, but I’m hoppin’ on the “Bar Car”. Houston is extremely overrated as the two competent QB’s they’ve faced this year (Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers) put up some huge numbers, as opposed to the likes of Tannehill, Gabbert, Locker, and Sanchez. Joe Flacco is emerging into elite QB status and should be able to keep the Ravens  within the number (+6 ½) as the Texans display their Green Bay hangover.

The Cleveland Browns broke into the win column last week with a home victory over the Bengals. But this week they take the show on the road, where losing by at least a touchdown is the norm, so today’s 2 ½ points are within that range. The Colts have beaten two very good teams inside their dome (Minnesota and Green Bay), but are refocused after a thorough beating by Gang Green. Home is where the heart is. They regroup and things return to form in this matchup. Indy by a solid 10.

Roll dem bones!

Odds-makers have finally adjusted the TOTAL involving the Carolina Panthers by about three points because, from my vantage point, there is something very wrong with this offense so far. Last year, Ron Rivera and his staff had the correct idea by letting Cam Newtonget his NFL-feet wet throwing the ball all over the yard, thus acclimating Mr. Heisman to the pro ranks in quick order. However, this year the running game isn’t quite there and this offense is lacking identity. The Cowboys continue to bumble through games in odd ways and today should be more of the same. UNDER 45 ½.

Don’t be late for Public Professor’s lecture tomorrow and West Coast Craig’s spin later in the day.

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