Weak Week In Sports: Pro Bowl Blues, A-Roid & Harbaugh-itis

NFL: Pro Bowl-NFC Media DayNEW YORK, NY – Its been a Weak Week In Sports. The days leading up to the Super Bowl usually are. It starts with the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, the one that roughly seven people in the world actually watched. If they didn’t play the game and just told people a fake score, I don’t think anyone would notice. Hmm… Perhaps they’ve already done this? Anyway, people get a lot more excited about Puppy Bowls and old Bud Bowls than they do about the Pro Bowl. The Pro Bowl has always just been an excuse to send the best players in the league to Hawaii for a week. Why do they ruin everyone’s vacation by making them suit up for a meaningless game? The Pro Bowl has been made even more meaningless in recent years by because it’s before the Super Bowl, precluding players  from the two best teams.

Jim HarbaughSpeaking of the Super Bowl, the line has’t decreased as much as I though it would. The 49ers are favored by 3.5 points, down from 4.5 last week but I like the Ravens to win. I think their defense will contain Kaepernick enough to give Joe Flacco a chance to win it. And I do want the Ravens to win it. Between Jim Harbaugh, who is a dick, Colin Kaepernick, who looks like a dick and Chris Culliver, who just alienated half of San Francisco with his homophobic comments, I don’t know how anyone could root for the 49ers. Plus I’m a Giants fan and I have always hated the 49ers… I Know Ray Lewis is a criminal, but who isn’t in the NFL? And it would be great to see the part of Baltimore that isn’t burned down already destroyed in a post-Super Bowl riot.

ap-flyers-rangers-hockey-4_3_r536_c534On the ice, the Rangers fought back to .500 after dropping their first two games of the season. They’re back on the losing side after getting crushed by the Penguins last night and having trouble creating scoring chances. Plus, they’re taking too many penalties On top of that, captain Ryan Callahan is out for two weeks with a dislocated shoulder. But on the bright side, Rick Nash looks like the real deal. The kid can play, so there’s hope the Blueshirts get going in the scoring department soon. Otherwise, it could be a long season of looking up at the red-hot Islanders and Devils. Seriously, WTF? I spent months just wishing for hockey and now I have to watch the Rangers stutter and the Islanders be good. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

A-Rod crying Meet_The_MattsThe big story in the baseball this week has been Alex Rodriguez’s implication in another PED scandal. This time he was linked with an “anti-aging” company in Miami purported to distribute HGH. Bartolo Colon and Melky Cabrera were also linked with the HGH ring. And just to refresh your memory if you’re a goldfish, both Big Bart and the Melk Man were suspended last season for using PEDs. Its a bit ironic that A-Rod, whose hips are as rickety as Bea Arthur’s, is linked with an anti-aging company. Now Brian Cashman and the Yankees are praying that A-Roid commits baseball harakiri before they have to shell out another $114 million for an oft-injured pinch hitter. If he kills himself or just retires, then the insurer will be on the hook for about 85% of the money still owed to Rodriguez. And the Yankees would get under that $189 million luxury tax threshold, while freeing up money to go after free agents. I don’t think we’ll be lucky enough to see A-Rod disembowel himself, so lets just hope he retires.

That’s all for me today. Enjoy the Super Bowl. GO RAVENS!

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