Soriano in Pinstripes, Performance Erasing Dingbats, and Hero & Villain of the Week

Cashman's latest magic trick
Cashman’s latest magic trick

New York, NYBig news for NY Yankees fans.  Alfonso Soriano waived his “no-trade” clause with the Chicago Cubs and will be playing tonight for the Yanks against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Could this be the  point at which the pendulum swings the other way?  Will the executioner put his (or her) halberd back on the rack, for now, on the Yankees ’13 Season?  And lastly, what is the difference between a hot dog and a sausage dog?  Or do I really want to know?!

One thing is for sure, for a relatively low cost (Yankees only pay $5M of his salary next year while the Cubs carry the other $13M), Cashman & Co have yet again pulled a rabbit out of their hat to try and turn this titanic of a season around.

Soriano brings with him a .254 Batting average and 17 HRs (8 hit in July) and a desperately needed RH slugger to their lineup.  Will Alexander Rodriguez ever make it back?  Or is it just a matter of course that he’ll soon be able to hang at the beach for the next year and a half?  Greater minds like Different Matt might know better, but bringing Alfonso back to their roster is a key hedge move.  And maybe will help get some Yanks fans off their meds, for awhile…

18 yr old NFL recruit denies PED use
18 yr old NFL recruit denies PED use

In other news today, Minnesota Vikings Running Back and NFL MVP Adrian Peterson came out  saying that he is CERTAIN that many of his NFL colleagues are using PEDs, and in particular HGH, which is currently not tested for in the NFL.  He stated that the pressure that some professional athletes face with families to support (mansions to buy), can be too much and leads them to the Dark side of the Force.

Many pro athletes have gone to the Dark side...
Many pro athletes have gone to the Dark side…

Well, it is this author’s contention, that by any kind of cheating (HGH, ROIDS, Salve, Gel, Pills, et al) it not only invalidates their future performance stats (after first taking PEDs), but actually erases their entire contribution to their respective professional sport.  And it IS NOT to put food on your table.  On the contrary, it is a mark of insecurity, laziness, and greed.  Which leads us to the Hero & Villain of the Week!

Porter Fischer - Biogenesis photocopier
Porter Fischer – Biogenesis photocopy boy


Hero of the Week:  Porter Fischer

For being the “whistle blower” on the Biogenesis fiasco.  Of course now he has to pack heat wherever he goes…

Performance Erasing Dingbat
Performance Erasing Dingbat

Villain of the Week: Ryan Braun

For being the most recent casualty to the PED scandal with a 65-game (and season-ending) suspension.  Sad news for Milwaukee Brewers fans.  More to come…

Well that’s all for Preacher’s Row today, be safe, be kind, and stay tuned for Cheesy Bruin tomorrow.

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