Geno Smith over Sanchez, Novak expectations, Summer “Enoughs”

Roger Federer returns a shot during his victory over Grega Zemlja at the US Open
Federer fighting old age…

New York, NY – The 2013 US Open is in full swing and Novak Djokovic has advanced after beating Benjamin Becker of Germany, to take him one step closer to possibly facing my favorite, Roger Federer.  Unfortunately, my ultimate dream favorite – Maria Sharapova – has already called “in sick” so won’t be playing in tournament this year.

Sugarpova Sweets

And to think that I have tickets for Thursday and had already purchased a dozen roses and boxes of “Sugarpova” candy to hand out!

Moving on to the upcoming NFL Season.  The NY Jets are mostly likely going to start 1st year player Geno Smith due to Mark Sanchez’s injury and the limited exposure of Matt Simms to actual football players.  I’m excited about this having picked Geno at the beginning of pre-season to take the lead and usher Sanchez out to pasture.  We’ll see just how this works out.

Geno Smith gets his shot

My Braves being safely in 1st place, I’m still a bit worried about Jason Heyward making it back in time for the post-season and in fighting form.  Thankfully, there other hitters like Brian McCann and Chris Johnson to to fill in the gap.  And with a nice pitching rotation and comfortable lead in the NL East, the Braves may just be the best-positioned team in baseball for the 2013 Post-Season.

Following up on Cookie’sEnough Already” article yesterday, I’d like to offer my own Preacher’s Row Summer Enoughs for open review and comment:

chris johnson
Chris Johnson filling the gap

1) PEDS – Seriously, give it up.  there’s always going to be some way to cheat, and the motivation and incentive for players to cheat.  Let’s not so surprised and just suck it up and hope they don’t kill themselves in the process.

2) Bikinis – Okay, they are certainly lovely, and I’d love to try and fit in one (just kidding), but let’s go ahead into fall.  I love the beauty of fall foliage, and being in the NYC subway system without losing 5 lbs. of sweat on my way to work…

3) Concussions – The NFL just recently settled for about a $750 Million payout to players, former players, and their families for the damage suffered while playing in the NFL.  While I certainly sympathize with everyone who gets injured in their brain, let’s face it, its part of the game, fame, and money.  More education will not decrease the amount of heavy hitting, its part of the game.

Bye bye summer

You want to make $5M a year and play pro ball, you must know there’s gonna be consequences from playing at that level.  This is not to naysay the people who have been hurt, but to say that its an expected risk for playing in a pro sport, much less a full contact sport like Football.

That’s all for Preacher’s Row for now, be safe, be kind, and stay tuned for NFL Picks Guru, Cheesy Bruin, manana!

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