BCS Predictions & Why The BCS Needs To Go

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BCS Predictions: Cheerleaders will get attention!

PORTLAND, OR – This year’s college football season is one more reason why college football fans should be thankful that this is the last season of the Bowl Championship Series and their stupid rankings. It was announced in June 2012 that the BCS would be replaced with a four-team playoff beginning next season. However, it might be a season too late.

Will it be a 3Peat for Bama? Or will someone take them down?
Will it be a Bama 3-Peat for Bama?

As it stands, there are currently five undefeated teams in the BCS Top 6 rankings (No.1 Alabama, No. 2 Florida State, No. 3 Oregon, No. 4 Ohio State and No. 6 Baylor) with 7-1 Stanford at No. 5. What makes these standings interesting is that they don’t match the other two famous college rankings systems; the Associated Press Top 25 and the USA Today Coaches Poll. Both polls have Oregon over Florida St. and Baylor over Stanford.

What is disappointing this season involving these rankings is that four teams deserve a chance at the National Championship; Bama, FSU, Oregon, and OSU. Yet, in order for either Oregon or Ohio State to make the National Championship, they need one of the top to teams to lose once. And if Baylor wants any shot to make the title game, they’ll need a five teams to lose – while they win out.

This season just shows how important it is to have playoffs in Division 1 FBS. What the BCS does is it punishes teams for not having a good strength of schedule. That’s why undefeated teams in the past – like Dr. Diz faves Boise State – that didn’t play in BCS Conferences, never had the chance to play for a National Championship, even though they did everything in their power to play in the Big One.

Will Oregon have the chance to display their offense in this year's National Championship Game?
Will Oregon have the chance to display their offense in this year’s National Championship Game?

In this current day scenario, if the top four teams win out, Alabama will play Oregon for the National Championship. And it’s likely that Oregon jumps Florida State in the rankings because of Oregon’s remaining schedule. With a game against highly ranked Stanford and Florida State’s best opponent left being an unranked and underachieving Florida, it’ll be just enough to give Oregon the lift.

Oregon will then go on to beat Alabama in the BCS National Championship. The Ducks have the offensive fire power to take down the back-to-back National Champs. Alabama has faced one good offense this season – Texas A&M – in a game they allowed 42 points. Oregon and Texas A&M run similar offenses – except Oregon is better. That would be a great match-up and one I wish will happen. But I’d also love to see Oregon take on Florida State. Could you imagine those two offenses going at it?

Which two teams would you like to see play for this season’s National Championship?

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