Blaber’s Blabberings: Mike Tomlin, Jason Kidd, Lingerie Football, Jawon Johnson

LFL - The players need better protection
LFL - The players need better protection
LFL – The players need better protection

“A greedy man stirs up dissension.” – Proverbs 28:25

BUFFALO, NY – Welcome all to Deacon Blaber’s Saturday Evangelizing, my bully pulpit for the sporting masses. This week the topic is greed because it is Thanksgiving Weekend and that is when greed comes to the forefront… I was too greedy with the bourbon last night and as a result I am typing this article with a wicked hangover. However, it is creating dissension that is the focus right now. We will talk about the coaching antics of Mike Tomlin, Jason Kidd and the changes to the Lingerie Football League plus the misfortune of Jawon Johnson.

This week we were treated to the coaching antics of Pittsburgh Head Coach Mike Tomlin and Brooklyn Nets Head Coach Jason Kidd. Tomlin was seen having his foot fully on the field as Jacoby Jones of the Baltimore Ravens was racing in for a try, darn it, I mean touchdown. It appeared that Tomlin knew what he was doing as he checked behind. Then after Jones cut back inside to avoid contact and eventually get tackled by the Pittsburgh defense, Tomlin was seen later smiling. The incident had NFL analysts and fans sharing their thoughts on the incident all over the interweb. Even coach Bill “Hoodie” Belichek of the evil New England Patriots tweeted support for Tomlin. Judge for yourself, look at the pic below and share your thoughts.

Kidd was seen telling one of his players to run into him. Kidd requested this because his team was out of timeouts and he wanted to stop play as his player ran into him, Kidd feigned being off balance and spilled his soda on the court. Kidd got his stoppage but his team still lost to the Lakers that night. To add insult to injury, Kidd was also fined by the NBA.

In other football news, the Lingerie Football League is going to upgrade the uniforms the players use, in the name of safety. The league has moved from actual lingerie to a safer spandex like material, yet the league appears to be ready to change the material once again. This is important because current and former players have come out about  injuries, inadequate equipment and measures for player safety. Some of you may laugh at the idea of a league based on women playing half naked full contact football complaining about these issues but keep two things in mind. Firstly, the women that play in this league aren’t models as much as they are former college athletes from other sports trying to play to earn a living and still play competitive sport. Secondly, the league is on the verge of being as popular as the NFL so it can’t ruin it now.

Finally, on this thanksgiving weekend, be thankful that your name is not Jawon Johnson. The freshman wide receiver for West Virginia State University spent the first four days of his school’s thanksgiving vacation in jail. It is no surprise to hear of a college player being arrested but in Johnson’s case it was a case of mistaken identity. The cops that he was Jawan Johnson and though it was proved it wasn’t him, they had to wait for the feds to come and release him. It took the feds a long time to get there and clear the young man for release. The young man was greeted by his family once released. It is unconfirmed if they saved him some turkey, but you’d think they would.

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for  Chessy Bruin and his  NFL Picks . Still trying to get him to do LFL picks but he is not budging.

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