Blaber’s Slightly Concussed Blabberings: NHL, Steve Kerr to Knicks and NY Baseball

“If you want to sleep, we have to take you to the hospital” – My best friend

Junoir Blaber Niagara RugbyNIAGARA-WHEATFIELD, NY – Yup! You read that quote right. The good Deacon Blaber, yours truly, is in a hospital as we speak. It has something to do with being tired, drunk and falling down but I will persevere. I decided this is a perfect time to go after Cookie’s Tough Guy Award, she won after having an article up, three days after spitting out a mini-Cookie… On the agenda today: the hockey playoffs, Steve Kerr to the Knicks, and NY’s baseball teams’ current status.

The hockey playoffs are getting hot and heated. Often what makes the playoff’s so special is the renewal of long standing rivalries. If you look at NY v Philly you can cut the negative emotions with a knife. It is thick in the air and us fans like it like that. Makes it worthwhile to stay up. New rivalries are being born out of hate and cheap hits. I draw a line at cheap hits, so Cheesy Bruins’ guy Milan Lucic’s between-the-legs hooking and Chicago’s Brent Seabrooke’s blind hit of St. Louis’ Dan Backes made me feel sick, especially the taunting afterwards. Hockey is a game for real men and those cheap shots dishonor it. The NHL gave Lucic and horse puckie fine (Teflon Boston) and suspened Seabrooke for 3 games. If it was me, I would suspend both of them for the playoffs. Hit as hard and clean as you would like but this cheap stuff is not for this game.

Moving on, I now hear that Steve Kerr is a candidate to be Knicks head coach. Kerr did a great job as a gm in Phoenix, but he is not cut out to be a coach, if you ask me. He has no coaching experience will cut his teeth on the hardest job in basketball!? This is a Pat Riley-Eric Spoelstra like hire. Pat wanted to coach but didn’t have it in him for the daily grind, so he hires his mentee Spoelstra to coach the newly formed juggernaut Heat. Phil Jackson is picking Kerr as his protege and someone that he trusts and understands what he likes to do and how he likes to do it. Not sure if he will go through with it but don’t be surprised if it happens.

steve-kerr-mike-woodsonFinally, the Mets are shocking everyone by not completely sucking yet! They are hovering around .500 and we are waiting for the other shoe to drop and them to get into a 12+ game losing streak. It will come, just as sure as night follows day.

Meanwhile, the Yanks are struggling and Yankee fans seem surprised. Like they didn’t see this coming. Well it has come and they look unlikely to make the playoffs. Will the Steinbrenners okay a major rebuild? Time will tell.

Come back for tomorrow for a man that’s always in a rebuild, Cheesy Bruin.

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