Montreal Canadiens and Goon Tactics vs [Carey] Price of Victory

“… the guy was wielding his stick like a pizza spatula.” -Cheesy Bruin
ShawnPittman Canadiens FanFIVE HOLE, ND – Now that the Eastern Conference Finals are heading into its fourth game tonight at MSG, haven’t all you New York Rangers fans had enough of how slimy the Montreal Canadiens conduct themselves on and off the ice? There have been a handful of events in the first three contests where Montreal comes away smelling like Canadian moose scatter and I’m here to highlight a few…

Not to be confused with the “Denny Pratt tragedyCharlestown Chiefs announcer Jim Carr refers to in Slapshot, if you were to ask Canadiens fans and organization concerning the Carey Price injury they would respond in typical frog p*ssy manner, saying Chris Kreider was to blame for the goaltender’s injury.

Ol’ Saddle Bags should try a salad.

The lot of Habs fans would almost have you believing that the collision was premeditated when in fact the Rangers forward was pushed into Price. Cry me a frogging river.  I’m surprised criminal charges weren’t filed with the like when Zdeno Chara checked Max Pacioretty into the boards a few years back.

Then there’s all hell breaking loose in a spirited Game 3 when Brandon Prust took an open-ice run at Rangers forward Derek Stepan and subsequently breaking his jaw.  The correct call should have been a five-minute unsportsmanlike major penalty and like I’ve stated in the past, the referees officiate Montreal games with a bias since they are the only representative of hockey’s tradition-rich country.  Who knows what happens with a Rangers five-minute man advantage power play?  It should have been called and the NHL has said as much but sorry doesn’t butter the bun.

And there’s the protocol or the enforcer’s code, where you stand up and set yourself for the fistic aftermath  – which to Prust’s credit he did, but should have waited for Dan Carcillo to do the same job for which the Rangers pay him.  Instead, Derek Dorsett engages Prust instead of Carcillo, who the referee oddly holds off, whereas officials normally know to let the big boys get at it.  In turn, Carcillo’s ire results in an ejection after shoving the zebra who kept him at bay during the fracas.  What transpires is a power play for the wrong team–the squad that precipitated everything with an illegal hit.  Are you tired of the Canadiens yet?

zebra_refsBrendan Gallagher is a mousy little piece of sh!t but hasn’t P.K. Subban been everything I warned you all about?  Take for instance, the talented defensemen’s last three shifts in regulation; the guy was wielding his stick like a pizza spatula except he was flipping and jabbing any Rangers flesh in his vicinity with no freaking penalty.  I truly hope justice comes his way in knuckle form.  Aside from being an offense threat, Subban is susceptible to mistakes on the defensive end while maybe focusing too much on holding an opponents stick or diving or avoiding checks.

NOTE: I’m pontificating because I… can’t stand Les Habitantes.


A salute to our Veterans and recent college graduate D.J. Eberle, tomorrow.


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