World’s Most Beautiful Game Ain’t Soccer… Just ask the Spurs and King Lebron James

imageSAN ANTONIO, TX – With all the hoopla about the World Cup of Soccer – aka the “World’s Most Beautiful Game” – the planet actually already witnessed something more beautiful last week, culminating on Sunday in San Antonio. See, the Spurs, who represent the world, won the NBA Championship by defeating the world’s best player – LeBron James – and the Miami Heat.

HUH? You must be wondering where this Grinding Ax is going with this.

While it may conflict with the minds of soccer purists, the game that James Naismith invented right here in the USA, is indeed the world’s most beautiful game. And the San Antonio Spurs have proven over the last fifteen years that when you bring players from around the globe together and teach them that teamwork STILL wins CHAMPIONSHIPS, you can do just that!

This team was built and nurtured by Greg Popovich. While NOT a household name,  he has been the BEST coach of the Millennium. Popovich and the Spurs roll out a diverse team from EIGHT different countries.

Here they are:
11 Jeff Ayres USA
16 Aron Baynes Australia
3 Marco Belinelli Italy
15 Matt Bonner USA
23 Austin Daye USA
33 Boris Diaw France
21 Tim Duncan U.S. Virgin Islands
20 Manu Ginobili Argentina
4 Danny Green North USA
7 Damion James USA
5 Cory Joseph Canada
2 Kawhi Leonard USA
8 Patty Mills Australia
9 Tony Parker France
22 Tiago Splitter /Brazil

If this is not PROOF that the world is using the HANDBALL without a RED CARD, then I’m shaving my head to join the rest of the MTM Observers!

Let’s face it, dunks and alley-oops are more exciting to watch then those headers on the “pitch.” Crossover moves are more plentiful on the hardwood than those few and far between Zico’s and Cruyff’s. Huh?

The Spurs are a VERY likable group built by a coach, void of special press conferences by a few ego driven stars that thought that they would rule the UNIVERSE.

I know… I not a big LeBron so, let’s see where he “takes his talents” to next.

Duncan, Parker and Ginobili simply get it. They get the whole team thing and if it had not been for some timely ref intervention and a lucky three from Ray Allen, the Heat streak would have been 1 and not the pedestrian 2 peat.

imageAgree? Disagree?

Now for the “other” World Cup NewsUSA beat Ghana 2-1.

imageRIP to one of the BEST hitters of ALL time. We lost Tony Gwynn Monday, at age 54. Tony WAS the San Diego Padres in the 80’s and his ability to put the ball in play where fielders were not, was a God given talent that only a select few are blessed with. Only Rod Carew, George Brett and today’s Miggy Cabrera come to mind in my lifetime as comparable hitters. Rest in Peace.

Back to King LeBron James. While he clearly took the high road post butt whooping, Lebron again showed a BIG FLAW in leadership by not getting his ass back on the court to finish it , win or lose. It was rather symbolic to see the “BIG THREE” sitting on the pine as the Spurs subbed out their starters, as tradition dictates. There is NO DOUBT that he is the best player on the planet as we hear EVERY FRIGGIN FIVE ┬áMINUTES, but his flaws in grit, leadership and LOYALTY will tarnish his legacy. His detractors are hoping that he pals up with another “ME” guy named Carmelo… the sharks are circling…

What do you think? Throw some venom or honest opinion at us.MAKE OUR DAY.

Coming SOON- Our contest for a day at Mets with Smallest of Matts. That’s right. Win a ticket and food voucher at Small Matt’s favorite gastro spot “Shake Shack….our legal team is working out the details.

Also, Angry Ward Bobble Head Day to be announced soon.

Speaking of the Angry one, he’s on an Anger Management tour the next two weeks, so DJ Eberle has the unenviable task of trying to fill his shoes. Come back tomorrow to how that goes..

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