Lazy Sunday Funday Baseball Debate: Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings

gandalf_baseballEl Bario, Bronx – What a day to be called in to pitch hit, on a Sunday morning that happens to also coincide with the Dominican Day Parade. Most days I have no problem living in the Bronx or on the Concourse but on this day when I can’t even hear myself think because of the high decibels of Meringue being played outside my window, life in the suburbs or even Angry Ward‘s neighborhood seems like a better idea.

Anyway with not much else going on sports wise and running around for a topic, I found myself an old debate that I had a while back with a bunch of other geeks. With the Star Wars characters that we know of, make up a baseball line-up. Of course, this nerd debate was then anted by those that claim the Lord of the Rings was a greater movie. As such a baseball team for them would also need to be created. So after going back and forth line-ups were created and we now leave it to you MTM faithful to debate who would win this match-up.

Here are your line-ups:

Lord Of The Rings:

CF Legolas
3B Gimli
RF Aragorn
1B Theoden
LF Boromir
DH Lurtz
SS Merry
2B Pippin
C Sam Gamgee

SP Frodo

PH Faramir
RP Eomer (Set-up)
RP Gollum (Closer)

Manager: Gandalf
3B Coach: The Witch King
1B Coach: Bilbo Baggins

Ewok BaseballStar Wars

CF Darth Maul
SS Boba Fett
2B Jango Fett
C Vader
3B Mace
RF Qui-Gon Jinn
LF Obi-Wan
1B Ewok
SP Luke

PH Chewbacca
PH Wedge Antilles (Pinch runner)
RP Lando (Set-up)
RP Han (Closer)

Manager: Yoda
3B Coach: Emperor Palpatine
1B Coach: Admiral Akbar

There you go. With a coaching staff and all.

That is it for now, hope you enjoyed the article and hope to hear from you below.

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