Blaber’s Blabberings: Roger “No” Goodell and Cooked Ray Rice

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“I did not see the elevator footage until Monday”Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

EL BARIO, DA BRONX – Just like last week, as soon as your Righteous Deacon Blaber finishes blessing the masses from his sports bully pulpit, a fresh controversy ensues. This one picks up right where I left off last week, with the Sheriff Roger Goodell and Ray Rice episode.

TMZ released the video of the Ray Rice and Janay Palmer domestic assault. Once that got out, Rice was suspended indefinitely by the league and released by the Ravens. But people want to know why it took the video going public for this to happen. Both the NFL and the Ravens staff (to a man) claimed they didn’t see the video until Monday. Of course this has now been debunked, as people at the hotel and unnamed NFL officials say they saw it weeks after it happened… and some say they saw it at the NFL offices.

Remember last week when I called Goodell a hypocrite? Everybody got distracted by the shiny new toy; the possible lifetime ban for domestic abuse. MTM staffers and readers asked why I was against something like that, as harsher punishment is needed. Well, it’s because Goodell is a snake and only does things when forced to… via public pressure and/or loss of money. His 3 million dollar salary is all he cares about.

NFL VogueThe video hurts the NFL image, especially with women and especially after the league just bought a 4-page spread in vogue. They’ve been pushing apparel that is more friendly to the build of women. Yet, new women sideline reporters look more like models than everyday women… Follow the money! Women are CFOs – Chief Family Organizers! But they are not going to support a league that sees no problem with punching a woman.

When I mentioned last week that the policy will only come to effect if there is a court case, so the NFL never has to make a judgment call, this is what I meant. By law, Rice has not been charged and therefore this policy would still not be in effect.

Now we get to see Roger squirm. As Different Matt said in the comment section of Al Sternberg’s piece yesterday, Goodell suspended Sean Payton for a year over bounty-gate, saying as the head coach, Payton should have know what was going on.

Well Sheriff Roger, what about you?! How can you justify your complete incompetence and negligence?

As for Ray Rice, he will get another chance. As pointed out by Bill Parcells and Mike Ditka, he does good work. In a results-oriented league like the NFL, that counts above all else. The NFL isĀ  not a bunch of Utah Jazz, moral-compass people. This is a league built on winning! The 70’s Raiders, 80’s Niners and 90’s Cowboys were no angels and no one cared! Remember Jim Caldwell got fired after a 3 and 13 season. Caldwell’s excuse was that Peyton was hurt all season. He was told to see Sheila in H.R. 0n his way out about the COBRA package. Winning, above all else, is what matters and Rice can help people win games.

bal-ray-rice-marries-janay-palmer-amid-assault-001Does Ray-Ray deserve another chance? Yes. If he does the necessary work to rehab, learn and grow. Before you jump down my throat here are two quotes from two Pittsburgh Steelers, one whose mom died as a result of domestic abuse, Will Gay, and one who is one of the most marketable and stand-up guys in the league, Troy Polamalu:

“It’s all about getting him help. It’s bigger than that. My mom passed away. We’re not talking about a game. She lost her life, so that’s the help that I’m talking about.”Gay
Unfortunately, I’ve seen the video. But I have a lot of issues of my own that I deal with. In truth, I couldn’t judge him on anything, because I’m defiled by as many passions and sins and more than him, most likely.” – Polamalu

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