Send Lawyers, Guns and Money for NFL Commissioner Goodell and Jeff Wilpon

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
NFL Commish Goodell sans makeup.

ALSACE-LORRAINE – As Sports Days go, yesterday wasn’t too shabby. I am speaking of that rare exacta where two notorious members of the sports ruling class may have each met his Waterloo.

In the wake of Wednesday’s interview by CBS of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell comes a brand new allegation. Last evening, the Associated Press reported that the damning 2nd elevator tape of Ray Rice cold cocking his lady friend had indeed been sent to NFL headquarters in New York. And this tape was delivered in APRIL! The tape, of which Goodell has vehemently denied having any knowledge.  This latest revelation promises to blow a huge hole through his already dubious defense. A hole which may ultimately lead to the downfall of the boy king, son of a US Senator who was raised on the hardscrabble streets of Scarsdale.

Moral Outrage!
Moral Outrage!

Why is this a big deal? Well, because Roger Goodell in all his arrogant born to the manor privileged presence lied through his bonded teeth. Many times. He never saw the tape in which Rice buried his wife with a vicious left to her face before Monday? He wasn’t aware of the tape’s existence until Monday? My favorite Goodell lie was when he commented that there was some “ambiguity” around the events leading to Rice’s wife being unconscious on an elevator floor.  Maybe she slipped and hit her head? Maybe she punched herself in the kisser? Maybe there was a 3rd person on that elevator who escaped through the ceiling? What the hell is ambiguous about a young woman being out cold on the floor and dragged by her husband by the legs out of the elevator?  What the hell is ambiguous about this woman having welts all over her face and body? What the hell is ambiguous about about any of this?? No, Goodell’s pants are seriously on fire here. He viewed this tape 4 months ago when it arrived. He saw the cold blooded “hit” carried out by Rice-saw the ferocity, the uncontrolled anger on display. And with this visual, Goodell still ruled that a 2 game suspension was appropriate. In the absence of video evidence, this scenario was otherwise simply too ambiguous for Goodell to act decisively? Did Goodell have Rice on his fantasy team? Didn’t they teach him anything at Andover or Choate or whichever WASPy finishing school this toe headed jag off attended?

The good(?) news is that former FBI Director Robert Mueller will now lead an “independent” investigation into the whole affair it was announced late last night.

When speaking of of a sociopath’s arrogance, where the individual sees himself always as the victim, it’s hard not to immediately think of Jeff Wilpon. Jeffy’s arrogance – and perhaps the end of the Wilpon/Selig/Katz Axis of Evil – may be coming back to bite him. It was revealed yesterday that the recently-terminated Mets VP of Marketing and Ticket Sales, Leigh Castergine is in fact suing Jeff Wilpon and the Mets for wrongful termination. Apparently, Jeffy told Ms. Castergine that he did not approve  – on moral grounds – of her pregnancy, given that she was not married.  Jeffy told her that he was morally offended by a single mom. So, will we soon hear that Jeffy has refunded every dime ever spent by single moms since 1980 on his wretched franchise? You know, ’cause morally-speaking, he won’t want to keep money from such a detestable and immoral group of people.

Leigh-ed us to the promised land!
Leigh-ed us to the promised land!

The good news is that most observers feel that this lawsuit has real merit. Apparently there are detailed activities with witnesses who can corroborate her allegation. Could an 8-figure settlement/judgment be in the offing? Let’s hope so.

Oddly, Jeffy and his Daddy Fred have never had any issue whatsoever with moral dilemmas in the past. Their entire fortune was built by complicity with Bernard Madoff and history’s largest Ponzi scheme. Fallout from this century’s most notorious financial savagery included bilking widows, charities, kids and pension funds out of their money, their homes, etc. Fred and Jeffy were not morally outraged by the tens of thousands of victim of their scam.  They were not morally outraged by falsifying financial records and hiding their involvement with Madoff. They certainly were not morally outraged when thousands of victims sought to recover some of their lost money; a great deal of which remains in Jeffy’s Hair Club for Life trust fund account. As the biggest “winners” of the Madoff Scam, they refused to give a dollar to any of the victims, instead hiding their profits and manipulating facts to hang on to every ill-gotten buck these gonifs stole.

No. An unwed mother is what really drives them nuts… You know, morally.

As a lifelong Met fan and as a fan of decency, I sure can hope that this is the tip of the iceberg that once and for all will be the demise of the Wilpons.  

Tune in tomorrow for Meet The Matts Radio, followed by Junoir Blaber on Saturday!

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