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"There goes our future"
"There goes our future"
“There goes our future”

PROBATION, USA – Coming off another NFL regular season, the Coaching Carousel spins round and round and many will fall off.  Monday’s Day After Pills were swallowed by the obvious candidates for coaching free agency.  Rex Ryan was given one hell of a farewell Sunday when Gino Smith finally put forth an effort that was expected of him. “Thanks a bunch Geno,” said Ryan and Idzik as they were gunned down by Woody “Toy Story” Jonhson. Rex will have NO problem finding work in the NFL – or for Massage Envy – while Idzik will be scanning the classifieds for a high school AD position!

Owner of the Atlanta FalconsArthur Blank proclaimed that sh&*canning  Mike Smith, was harder than finding an employee for Home Depot that could pass a basic skills or drug test.  Once again, it was a team full of talented but underachieving millionaires who stomped on their coaches future. I point the middle finger at Matt Ryan.  He is becoming one of the biggest chokers in big games along with his cast of dirty birds.

Odell_Beckham_catch Angry_Ward Meet_The_MattsMarc Marlyn Trestman was NO magician in Chi-town and Lido laid  his money down… heads were rolled… and that was all she wrote. Thanks, Jay Cutler – we’re not even sure if Cookie still likes you!

The Jim Harbaugh mutual parting in San Francisco was more of a win for Harbaugh than the Forty Niners.  Jimmy gets a 3 million dollar raise at Michigan and the Niners must try to find someone who can even come close to the success that Crazy Jim had in the Bay.

"You'll give me 8 million?"
“You’ll give me 8 million?”

Who is next?

Depending on the outcome of their playoff game next week, the Bengals should stop rewarding Marvin Lewis for losing every playoff game that he has coached. The Red RifleAndy Dalton – may indeed backfire once more in a very winnable contest versus Geico Caveman Andrew Luck and his schizophrenic Colts.  Time will tell.

Boy Name [Ndamukong] Suh: I doubt that I’m alone in my assessment that this Kong of Detroit,  N-dam-u-kong Suh, needs a major time out!  His blatant assaults on defenseless players deserves punishment equal to those handed down to Adrian Peterson or Rutgers’ Ray “Not So Nice” Rice.  

Suh suck!
Suh suck!

Johnny Football Manziel may be available if Jerry Jones wants him as Tony Romo’s a Heir Apparent.  His arrogant punk-ass exploits cannot be tolerated by a team that pulls a Ground Hogs Day each season trying to relive the glory days of Brian Sipe!

Away from the Gridiron…

New_York_Rangers.svgThe Rangers lost a tough one in Dallas 3-2 to break the winning streak…

Rookie of the Year in the NFL should be Odell Beckham, Jr., whose hands saved Eli Manning many many times…

Tomorrow Angry Ward restores calm within this the MTM ranks.

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