Grinding Ax Sunday: Tom Brady Retires? Free NFL Picks

January 30, 2022 GrindingAx 0

COLTS NECK, NJ –  My inside sources have told me that Tom Brady is retiring from the NFL after dominating the league for 22 years. […]

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Grinding Ax Sunday – FREE NFL Picks, Week 17 News & Notes

January 2, 2022 GrindingAx 0

FREEHOLD, NJ-  After last week’s 9-0 record and a heart procedure on Thursday, I head into the New Year on a winning streak. NFL week […]

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Grinding Ax Pigskin and Pucks Sunday: FREE NFL Picks, NY Rangers Pride

November 28, 2021 GrindingAx 0

FREEHOLD, NJ –  There are some great games on the NFL docket today. Football fans were treated to some tasty Thanksgiving Day stuffing as the Raiders & Cowboys served up an overtime game […]

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Grinding Ax Sunday: FREE NFL Picks, Key Games. Plus, Rangers Win!

October 17, 2021 GrindingAx 0

PRINCETON JUNCTION, NJ – The leaves are turning and so are the fortunes of some NFL teams. Week 6 offers up some key matchups that […]

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Grinding Ax: Fallen Heroes, NFTs, Famous Rugby Players

August 29, 2021 GrindingAx 0

FREEHOLD, NJ – Before we get to talking sports – as we enjoy our right to live freely – I want to honor the Fallen […]

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Grinding Ax Walter Hynes, Meet_The_Matts, MAGA

Virtual vs Live Sports: Ruining America? Grinding Ax Edition

August 19, 2020 GrindingAx 0

GULAG, NJ – What an honor it is to fill in for the iconic Angry Ward Calhoun! This almost feels like a dream! A virtual […]

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Grinding Ax: Quarantine Sports til 2021!!!

July 5, 2020 GrindingAx 0

MURPHY’S MOUTH, NJ – Time to Quarantine Sports! With all the conflicting stories, opinions and divisive behavior in the air , I am calling on […]

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Grinding Ax Edition: Eli's Coming! Roger Goodell Wins Lottery

Grinding Ax Edition: Eli’s Coming! Roger Goodell Wins Lottery

December 8, 2017 GrindingAx 0

MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ –  Eli’s Comin’… Eli’s Comin’… Eli’s Comin’… Well Cowboys fans, you better hide your heart, your cowboy lovin’ heart… Eli’s Comin’ and […]

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Grinding Ax Edition: Bradleys Killed USA Men’s Soccer? Eli Manning Bye-Bye? Yankees on Edge

October 21, 2017 GrindingAx 0

MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ – With Yankee fans reeling about their Baby Bummers, let’s start with a bigger ball for them to handle…  Princeton is widely […]

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Grinding AX Wednesday? Frank Martin’s Cocks Final Four, March Madness Latest

March 29, 2017 GrindingAx 19

HOBOKEN, NJ – Grinding Ax Wednesday? When our version of Gaius Lucilius needs a personal day, I’ll always be available. With the Final Four teams ready to finish a […]

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